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Claudio Abbado Conductor Conductor of La Scala, 1968-86 26-Jun-1933 20-Jan-2014 DEAD
Shirley S. Abrahamson Judge Wisconsin Chief Justice 17-Dec-1933 TBD ADD
Morton I. Abramowitz Diplomat US Ambassador to Turkey, 1989-91 20-Jan-1933 TBD ADD
Terence E. Adderley Business Chairman of Kelly Services 01-Sep-1933 TBD ADD
Sheldon Adelson Business Las Vegas billionaire 01-Aug-1933 TBD ADD
Lou Adler Business Dunhill and Ode Records 13-Dec-1933 TBD ADD
Danny Aiello Actor The Last Don 20-Jun-1933 TBD ADD
Emperor Akihito Royalty Emperor of Japan 23-Dec-1933 TBD ADD
Captain Lou Albano Wrestling Pro wrestling manager 29-Jul-1933 14-Oct-2009 DEAD
Alan Ameche Football Winner, 1954 Heisman Trophy 01-Mar-1933 08-Aug-1988 DEAD
Wendell R. Anderson Politician Governor of Minnesota, 1971-76 01-Feb-1933 17-Jul-2016 DEAD
John Aniston Actor Victor Kiriakis on Days of Our Lives 24-Jul-1933 TBD ADD
Corazon Aquino Head of State President of the Philippines, 1986-92 25-Jan-1933 01-Aug-2009 DEAD
H. Jesse Arnelle Attorney Partner, Arnelle & Hastie 30-Dec-1933 TBD ADD
Michael Aspel TV Personality Antiques Roadshow host 12-Jan-1933 TBD ADD
J. Carter Bacot Business CEO of the Bank of New York, 1982-98 07-Feb-1933 07-Apr-2005 DEAD
F. Lee Bailey Attorney Criminal defense attorney 10-Jun-1933 TBD ADD
Janet Baker Singer English mezzo-soprano, active 1957-82 21-Aug-1933 TBD ADD
Norman H. Bangerter Politician Governor of Utah, 1985-93 04-Jan-1933 14-Apr-2015 DEAD
Abolhassan Bani-Sadr Head of State First President of Iran, 1980-81 22-Mar-1933 TBD ADD
John Barry Composer Film composer, James Bond, Out of Africa 03-Nov-1933 30-Jan-2011 DEAD
Tom Bell Actor Prime Suspect 02-Aug-1933 04-Oct-2006 DEAD
Jean-Paul Belmondo Actor Itineraire d'un Enfant Gate 09-Apr-1933 TBD ADD
Frank A. Bennack, Jr. Business CEO of Hearst, 1979-2002 12-Feb-1933 TBD ADD
Robert Bennett Politician US Senator from Utah, 1993-2011 18-Sep-1933 04-May-2016 DEAD
Ken Berry Actor Capt. Parmenter on F Troop 03-Nov-1933 TBD ADD
Raymond Berry Football NFL Hall of Famer, coach 27-Feb-1933 TBD ADD
Dickie Bird Cricket Beloved Cricket player/umpire 19-Apr-1933 TBD ADD
Robert Bireley Historian The Jesuits and the Thirty Years War 26-Jul-1933 TBD ADD
Robert Blake Actor Baretta 18-Sep-1933 TBD ADD
Caroline Blakiston Actor Lady Patience Hardacre on Brass 13-Feb-1933 TBD ADD
John Boorman Film Director Hope and Glory 18-Jan-1933 TBD ADD
Madeleine Bordallo Politician Congresswoman, Guam 31-May-1933 TBD ADD
John Bossy Historian Christianity in the West 30-Apr-1933 TBD ADD
William G. Bowen Educator President, Princeton University, 1972-88 06-Oct-1933 20-Oct-2016 DEAD
Scotty Bowman Hockey Winningest coach in NHL history 18-Sep-1933 TBD ADD
Thomas Boyatt Diplomat US Ambassador to Colombia, 1980-83 04-Mar-1933 TBD ADD
Barbara Taylor Bradford Novelist Emma Harte saga 05-May-1933 TBD ADD
Stan Brakhage Film Director Experimental filmmaker 14-Jan-1933 09-Mar-2003 DEAD
Tinto Brass Film Director Caligula 26-Mar-1933 TBD ADD
Julian Bream Guitarist Guitarist and lutenist 15-Jul-1933 TBD ADD
Jeremy Brett Actor The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 03-Nov-1933 12-Sep-1995 DEAD
Jean-Claude Brialy Actor Une femme est une femme 30-Mar-1933 30-May-2007 DEAD
Ashleigh Brilliant Cartoonist Creator of Pot-Shots 09-Dec-1933 TBD ADD
May Britt Actor The Young Lions 22-Mar-1933 TBD ADD
Eli Broad Business Billionaire 06-Jun-1933 TBD ADD
Philippe de Broca Film Director King of Hearts 15-Mar-1933 26-Nov-2004 DEAD
Georgia Brown Actor The Raging Moon 21-Oct-1933 05-Jul-1992 DEAD
Hubie Brown Basketball NBA Analyst, former head coach 25-Sep-1933 TBD ADD
James Brown Singer Godfather of Soul 03-May-1933 25-Dec-2006 DEAD
John Y. Brown, Jr. Politician Governor of Kentucky, 1979-83 28-Dec-1933 TBD ADD
Tony Brown Talk Show Host Host of Tony Brown's Journal 11-Apr-1933 TBD ADD
Harry Browne Politician Libertarian candidate for President 17-Jun-1933 01-Mar-2006 DEAD
Melvin T. Brunetti Judge 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, 1985-99 10-Nov-1933 30-Oct-2009 DEAD
Horst Buchholz Actor The Magnificent Seven 04-Dec-1933 03-Mar-2003 DEAD
Edward Bunker Author Animal Factory 31-Dec-1933 19-Jul-2005 DEAD
Carol Burnett Actor The Carol Burnett Show 26-Apr-1933 TBD ADD
Jane Byrne Politician Mayor of Chicago, 1979-83 24-May-1933 14-Nov-2014 DEAD
Edd Byrnes Actor Kookie on 77 Sunset Strip 30-Jul-1933 TBD ADD
Montserrat Caballé Singer Operatic soprano 12-Apr-1933 TBD ADD
Adolph Caesar Actor A Soldier's Story 05-Dec-1933 06-Mar-1986 DEAD
Michael Caine Actor Get Carter 14-Mar-1933 TBD ADD
Zoe Caldwell Actor The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie 14-Sep-1933 TBD ADD
Lee Calhoun Track and Field Olympic hurdler 23-Feb-1933 22-Jun-1989 DEAD
Godfrey Cambridge Actor Cotton Comes to Harlem 26-Feb-1933 29-Nov-1976 DEAD
Joseph Campanella Actor The Colbys 21-Nov-1933 TBD ADD
Ben Nighthorse Campbell Politician US Senator from Colorado, 1993-2005 13-Apr-1933 TBD ADD
Milt Campbell Track and Field Olympic decathlete 09-Dec-1933 02-Nov-2012 DEAD
Lou Cannon Journalist Reagan 03-Jun-1933 TBD ADD
Jean Carnahan Politician US Senator from Missouri, 2001-02 20-Dec-1933 TBD ADD
Richard S. Castellano Actor The Godfather 04-Sep-1933 10-Dec-1988 DEAD
Barrie Chase Dancer Danced with Fred Astaire 20-Oct-1933 TBD ADD
Diane Cilento Actor The Agony and the Ecstasy 05-Oct-1933 06-Oct-2011 DEAD
Roy Clark TV Personality Hee Haw 15-Apr-1933 TBD ADD
Claude Cohen-Tannoudji Physicist Trapped atoms with laser light 01-Apr-1933 TBD ADD
Charles W. Coker Business CEO of Sonoco Products, 1990-98 10-May-1933 TBD ADD
Rocky Colavito Baseball Denies having cursed Cleveland 10-Aug-1933 TBD ADD
Joan Collins Actor Alexis on Dynasty 23-May-1933 TBD ADD
Bert Convy Game Show Host Host of Tattletales TV game show 23-Jul-1933 15-Jul-1991 DEAD
Tim Conway Actor The Carol Burnett Show 15-Dec-1933 TBD ADD
Ben Cooper Actor The Last Command 30-Sep-1933 TBD ADD
Alex Cord Actor Michael Archangel on Airwolf 03-May-1933 TBD ADD
Aneta Corsaut Actor The Andy Griffith Show 03-Nov-1933 06-Nov-1995 DEAD
Axel Corti Film Director Where To and Back trilogy 07-May-1933 29-Dec-1993 DEAD
Costa-Gavras Film Director Z 12-Feb-1933 TBD ADD
Floyd Cramer Country Musician Country music pianist 27-Oct-1933 31-Dec-1997 DEAD
Gary Crosby Actor Son of Bing Crosby 27-Jun-1933 24-Aug-1995 DEAD
Kathryn Crosby Actor Widow of Bing Crosby 25-Nov-1933 TBD ADD
Patricia Crowley Actor Please Don't Eat the Daisies 17-Sep-1933 TBD ADD
Leslie Crowther TV Personality The Price Is Right 06-Feb-1933 29-Sep-1996 DEAD
Paul J. Crutzen Physicist Ozone depletion 03-Dec-1933 TBD ADD
Robert F. Curl, Jr. Chemist Co-Discovered fullerines 23-Aug-1933 TBD ADD
Godfried Danneels Religion Archbishop of Mechelen-Brussels 04-Jun-1933 TBD ADD
Henry Darrow Actor The High Chaparral 15-Sep-1933 TBD ADD
Bruce Davidson Photographer East 100th Street 05-Sep-1933 TBD ADD
Dom DeLuise Actor Cannonball Run 01-Aug-1933 04-May-2009 DEAD
Martha A. Derthick Political Scientist Policymaking for Social Security 20-Jun-1933 12-Jan-2015 DEAD
Anthony Diekema Educator President of Calvin College, 1976-95 03-Dec-1933 TBD ADD
Ray Milton Dolby Inventor Inventor of Dolby stereo 18-Jan-1933 12-Sep-2013 DEAD
Bob Dornan Politician Congressman from California, 1977-97 03-Apr-1933 TBD ADD
Donna Douglas Actor Elly May on The Beverly Hillbillies 26-Sep-1933 01-Jan-2015 DEAD
Morton Downey, Jr. Talk Show Host Mort the Mouth 09-Dec-1933 12-Mar-2001 DEAD
Michael Dukakis Politician Twice Governor of Massachusetts 03-Nov-1933 TBD ADD
Dan L. Duncan Business Billionaire, Enterprise Products 02-Jan-1933 28-Mar-2010 DEAD
Joseph D. Early Politician Congressman from Massachusetts, 1975-93 31-Jan-1933 09-Nov-2012 DEAD
Herb Edelman Actor Stan Zbornak on The Golden Girls 05-Nov-1933 21-Jul-1996 DEAD
Joycelyn Elders Government Highly opinionated Surgeon General 13-Aug-1933 TBD ADD
René Enríquez Actor Lt. Ray Calletano on Hill Street Blues 24-Nov-1933 23-Mar-1990 DEAD
Richard R. Ernst Chemist NMR spectroscopy 14-Aug-1933 TBD ADD
Mark Eyskens Head of State Prime Minister of Belgium, 1981 29-Apr-1933 TBD ADD
Robert Fagles Translator Translator of Greek literature 11-Sep-1933 26-Mar-2008 DEAD
Myrna Fahey Actor Kay Banks on Father of the Bride 12-Mar-1933 06-May-1973 DEAD
Chuck Fairbanks Football New England Patriots Head Coach, 1973-78 10-Jun-1933 02-Apr-2013 DEAD
Jerry Falwell Religion Television evangelist 11-Aug-1933 15-May-2007 DEAD
Louis Farrakhan Religion Leader of Nation of Islam 11-May-1933 TBD ADD
Walter E. Fauntroy Activist Congressman from DC, 1971-91 06-Feb-1933 TBD ADD
Mohamed al-Fayed Business Owner of Harrod's, father of Dodi al-Fayed 27-Jan-1933 TBD ADD
Dianne Feinstein Politician US Senator from California 22-Jun-1933 TBD ADD
Marty Feldman Comic Eye-gor in Young Frankenstein 08-Jul-1933 02-Dec-1982 DEAD
Barbara Feldon Actor Agent 99 on Get Smart 12-Mar-1933 TBD ADD
Charles D. Ferris Government FCC Chairman, 1977-81 09-Apr-1933 TBD ADD
Bill France, Jr. Auto Racing CEO of NASCAR, 1972-2003 04-Apr-1933 04-Jun-2007 DEAD
Charles E. Freeman Judge Justice, Illinois Supreme Court 12-Dec-1933 TBD ADD
Robert Fuller Actor Emergency! 29-Jul-1933 TBD ADD
Eileen Fulton Actor As the World Turns 13-Sep-1933 TBD ADD
Don Fuqua Politician Congressman from Florida, 1963-87 20-Aug-1933 TBD ADD
Sidney J. Furie Film Director The Ipcress File 28-Feb-1933 TBD ADD
Ernest J. Gaines Novelist A Lesson Before Dying 15-Jan-1933 TBD ADD
Robert Garcia Politician Congressman from New York, 1978-90 09-Jan-1933 25-Jan-2017 DEAD
John Gardner Novelist Grendel 21-Jul-1933 14-Sep-1982 DEAD
Vince Gibson Football Former NCAA coach 27-Mar-1933 10-Jan-2012 DEAD
Ruth Bader Ginsburg Judge US Supreme Court Justice 15-Mar-1933 TBD ADD
Tom Gola Basketball NBA Hall of Famer 13-Jan-1933 26-Jan-2014 DEAD
Frank Gorshin Actor The Riddler in Batman 05-Apr-1933 17-May-2005 DEAD
Robert Goulet Singer Baritone star of stage and screen 26-Nov-1933 30-Oct-2007 DEAD
Chuck Grassley Politician US Senator from Iowa 17-Sep-1933 TBD ADD
Forrest Gregg Football NFL Hall of Famer, Coach 18-Oct-1933 TBD ADD
Fred Haise Astronaut Lunar Module Pilot on Apollo 13 14-Nov-1933 TBD ADD
Brett Halsey Actor The Young and the Restless 20-Jun-1933 TBD ADD
Sheila Hancock Actor Bedtime 22-Feb-1933 TBD ADD
Kathryn Hays Actor Kim Hughes on As the World Turns 26-Jul-1933 TBD ADD
Charles A. Heimbold, Jr. Business CEO of Bristol Myers Squibb, 1994-2001 27-May-1933 TBD ADD
Michael Heseltine Politician UK Deputy Prime Minister, 1995-97 21-Mar-1933 TBD ADD
Stephen Hess Author International News and Foreign Correspondents 20-Apr-1933 TBD ADD
H. Allen Holmes Diplomat US Ambassador to Portugal, 1982-85 31-Jan-1933 TBD ADD
Larry J. Hopkins Politician Congressman from Kentucky, 1979-93 25-Oct-1933 TBD ADD
James C. Hormel Diplomat US Ambassador to Luxembourg, 1999-2001 01-Jan-1933 TBD ADD
Cissy Houston Singer Gospel singer, Mother of Whitney Houston 30-Sep-1933 TBD ADD
J. Gorman Houston, Jr. Judge Justice, AL Supreme Court, 1985-2005 11-Mar-1933 TBD ADD
B. Wayne Hughes Business CEO of Public Storage, 1991-2002 28-Sep-1933 TBD ADD
H. Guy Hunt Politician Governor of Alabama, 1987-93 17-Jun-1933 30-Jan-2009 DEAD
George Isaak Astronomer Resonant scattering spectroscopy 07-Mar-1933 05-Jun-2005 DEAD
Juzo Itami Film Director Tampopo 15-May-1933 20-Dec-1997 DEAD
Irwin M. Jacobs Business Co-Founder of Qualcomm 18-Oct-1933 TBD ADD
Tony Jay Actor Voice and character actor 02-Feb-1933 13-Aug-2006 DEAD
Ed Jenkins Politician Congressman from Georgia, 1977-93 04-Jan-1933 01-Jan-2012 DEAD
Robert Jewett Theologian Pauline scholar 31-Dec-1933 TBD ADD
Charles B. Johnson Business Billionaire, Franklin Resources 06-Jan-1933 TBD ADD
Parnelli Jones Auto Racing Winner, 1963 Indianapolis 500 12-Aug-1933 TBD ADD
Quincy Jones Music Producer Musician, Composer, Producer 14-Mar-1933 TBD ADD
Sam Jones Basketball Boston Celtic, Hall of Famer 24-Jun-1933 TBD ADD
Dale W. Jorgenson Economist Economist at Harvard 07-May-1933 TBD ADD
Jackie Joseph Actor Jackie Parker on The Doris Day Show 07-Nov-1933 TBD ADD
Ilya Kabakov Artist Russian conceptual artist 30-Sep-1933 TBD ADD
George Kaczender Film Director In Praise of Older Women 19-Apr-1933 TBD ADD
Dick Kallman Actor Hank 07-Jul-1933 22-Feb-1980 DEAD
Charles K. Kao Scientist Fiber optics 04-Nov-1933 TBD ADD
Helene L. Kaplan Attorney Of Counsel, Skadden Arps 19-Jun-1933 TBD ADD
John Karlen Actor Harvey Lacey on Cagney & Lacey 28-May-1933 TBD ADD
Vera Katz Politician Mayor of Portland Oregon, 1993-2005 03-Aug-1933 TBD ADD
Frank B. Kelso II Military Chief of Naval Operations, 1990-94 11-Jul-1933 23-Jun-2013 DEAD
Larry King Talk Show Host Larry King Live 19-Nov-1933 TBD ADD
Tom King Politician UK Minister of Defence, 1989-92 13-Jun-1933 TBD ADD
Richard F. Kneip Politician Governor of South Dakota, 1971-78 07-Jan-1933 09-Mar-1987 DEAD
Joseph Knollenberg Politician Congressman, Michigan 9th 28-Nov-1933 TBD ADD
Yotaro Kobayashi Business CEO of Fuji Xerox, Ltd. 25-Apr-1933 TBD ADD
Bernie Kopell Actor Doc on The Love Boat 21-Jun-1933 TBD ADD
Michael Korda Publisher Editor-in-Chief of Simon & Schuster 08-Oct-1933 TBD ADD
Tom C. Korologos Diplomat US Ambassador to Belgium, 2004-07 16-Apr-1933 TBD ADD
Sylva Koscina Actor Bride of Hercules 22-Aug-1933 26-Dec-1994 DEAD
Jerzy Kosinski Author Being There 14-Jun-1933 03-May-1991 DEAD
Reg Kray Criminal Kray brothers 24-Oct-1933 01-Oct-2000 DEAD
Ronnie Kray Criminal Kray brothers 24-Oct-1933 17-Mar-1995 DEAD
Madeleine M. Kunin Politician Governor of Vermont, 1985-91 28-Sep-1933 TBD ADD
Walter LaFeber Historian The New Empire 30-Aug-1933 TBD ADD
Antonio Lamer Judge Chief Justice of Canada, 1990-2000 08-Jul-1933 24-Nov-2007 DEAD
Jim Lange Game Show Host The Dating Game 15-Aug-1933 25-Feb-2014 DEAD
Leonard Lauder Business Chairman of Estee Lauder 19-Mar-1933 TBD ADD
David Laventhol Publisher President of Times Mirror, 1987-93 15-Jul-1933 08-Apr-2015 DEAD
Jerry Leiber Songwriter Hitmaker for Elvis 25-Apr-1933 22-Aug-2011 DEAD
Alfred Lerner Business CEO of MBNA, 1982-2002 08-May-1933 23-Oct-2002 DEAD
Peter B. Lewis Business CEO of Progressive, 1965-98 11-Nov-1933 23-Nov-2013 DEAD
Shari Lewis Performance Artist Lamb Chop's Play-Along 17-Jan-1933 02-Aug-1998 DEAD
Richard Libertini Actor The In-Laws 21-May-1933 07-Jan-2016 DEAD
Leonard P. Liggio Scholar Libertarian 05-Jul-1933 TBD ADD
Penelope Lively Novelist Moon Tiger 17-Mar-1933 TBD ADD
Dorothy Loudon Actor American stage actress 17-Sep-1933 15-Nov-2003 DEAD
Frank J. Low Astronomer Infrared astronomy 23-Nov-1933 11-Jun-2009 DEAD
Ken Lucas Politician Congressman from Kentucky, 1999-2005 22-Aug-1933 TBD ADD
Samora Machel Head of State President of Mozambique, 1975-86 29-Sep-1933 19-Oct-1986 DEAD
Buddy MacKay Politician Governor of Florida, 1998-99 22-Mar-1933 TBD ADD
Joseph Maher Actor Chancellor Willoughby on Goode Behavior 29-Dec-1933 17-Jul-1998 DEAD
Mako Actor Akiro "The Wizard" in the Conan series 10-Dec-1933 21-Jul-2006 DEAD
Jayne Mansfield Actor The Girl Can't Help It 19-Apr-1933 29-Jun-1967 DEAD
Peter Mansfield Physicist Magnetic resonance imaging 09-Oct-1933 08-Feb-2017 DEAD
C. Roland Marchand Historian Advertising the American Dream 21-Oct-1933 14-Nov-1997 DEAD
Dave Marr Golf Winner, 1965 PGA Championship 27-Dec-1933 05-Oct-1997 DEAD
Connie Marshall Actor Dragonwyck 28-Apr-1933 22-May-2001 DEAD
Daniel Massey Actor Star! 10-Oct-1933 25-Mar-1998 DEAD
John Mayall Musician Bluesbreaker 29-Nov-1933 TBD ADD
David McCallum Actor Illya on The Man From U.N.C.L.E. 19-Sep-1933 TBD ADD
Cormac McCarthy Novelist All the Pretty Horses 20-Jul-1933 TBD ADD
David McCullough Historian The American Experience 07-Jul-1933 TBD ADD
Keith R. McKennon Business CEO of PacifiCorp, 1998-99 25-Dec-1933 TBD ADD
Rod McKuen Poet A Boy Named Charlie Brown 29-Apr-1933 27-Jan-2015 DEAD
John G. Medlin, Jr. Business CEO of Wachovia, 1977-93 23-Nov-1933 07-Jun-2012 DEAD
James Meredith Activist First black student at Ole Miss 25-Jun-1933 TBD ADD
Dolores Michaels Actor Warlock 30-Jan-1933 25-Sep-2001 DEAD
Stanley Milgram Psychologist Milgram Experiment 15-Aug-1933 20-Dec-1984 DEAD
Vance C. Miller Business CEO of Henry S. Miller Companies 19-Oct-1933 TBD ADD
Garnet Mimms Singer R&B and gospel vocalist 16-Nov-1933 TBD ADD
George J. Mitchell Politician US Senator from Maine, 1980-95 20-Aug-1933 TBD ADD
Elizabeth Montgomery Actor Samantha on Bewitched 15-Apr-1933 18-May-1995 DEAD
Orville Moody Golf Winner, 1969 US Open 09-Dec-1933 08-Aug-2008 DEAD
George Morfogen Actor Rebadow on Oz 30-Mar-1933 TBD ADD
John P. Morgridge Business CEO of Cisco, 1988-95 23-Jul-1933 TBD ADD
Greg Morris Actor Mission: Impossible 27-Sep-1933 27-Aug-1996 DEAD
Sid Morrison Politician Congressman from Washington, 1981-93 13-May-1933 TBD ADD
Frank Murkowski Politician Governor of Alaska, 2002-06 28-Mar-1933 TBD ADD
Willie Nelson Country Musician The red-headed stranger 30-Apr-1933 TBD ADD
Julie Newmar Actor The first Catwoman 16-Aug-1933 TBD ADD
William Niskanen Administrator Chairman of the Cato Institute 13-Mar-1933 26-Oct-2011 DEAD
Kathleen Nolan Actor President, Screen Actors Guild, 1975-79 27-Sep-1933 TBD ADD
Sheree North Actor How to Be Very, Very Popular 17-Jan-1933 04-Nov-2005 DEAD
Kim Novak Actor Vertigo doppelganger 13-Feb-1933 TBD ADD
Michael Novak Religion The Spirit of Democratic Capitalism 09-Sep-1933 17-Feb-2017 DEAD
John Ong Diplomat US Ambassador to Norway, 2002-05 29-Sep-1933 TBD ADD
Yoko Ono Artist Impenetrable musician, wife of John Lennon 18-Feb-1933 TBD ADD
Peter Orlovsky Poet Beat poet, lover of Allen Ginsberg 08-Jul-1933 30-May-2010 DEAD
Joe Orton Playwright Prick Up Your Ears 01-Jan-1933 09-Aug-1967 DEAD
Charles Osgood Journalist CBS News Sunday Morning 08-Jan-1933 TBD ADD
Elinor Ostrom Sociologist Common-pool resources 07-Aug-1933 12-Jun-2012 DEAD
Abel Pacheco Head of State President of Costa Rica, 2002-06 22-Dec-1933 TBD ADD
Debra Paget Actor Love Me Tender 19-Aug-1933 TBD ADD
Rod Paige Government US Secretary of Education, 2000-04 17-Jun-1933 TBD ADD
Thomas Pakenham Historian 8th Earl of Longford 14-Aug-1933 TBD ADD
Ivan Passer Film Director Creator 10-Jul-1933 TBD ADD
Leonard Peikoff Philosopher Proseletyzer of objectivism 15-Oct-1933 TBD ADD
Krzysztof Penderecki Composer Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima 23-Nov-1933 TBD ADD
Arno Penzias Astronomer Detected primordial radiation 26-Apr-1933 TBD ADD
Carmine Persico Criminal Boss, Colombo Crime Family 08-Aug-1933 TBD ADD
Edmund S. Phelps Economist Golden Rules of Economic Growth 26-Jul-1933 TBD ADD
William Pierce Author The Turner Diaries 11-Sep-1933 23-Jul-2002 DEAD
Nicholas Pileggi Author Goodfellas screenwriter 22-Feb-1933 TBD ADD
Roman Polanski Film Director Chinatown 18-Aug-1933 TBD ADD
Poncie Ponce Actor Kazuo Kim on Hawaiian Eye 10-Apr-1933 19-Jul-2013 DEAD
Charles Portis Author True Grit 28-Dec-1933 TBD ADD
Jerry Pournelle Author Sci-Fi collaborator with Larry Niven 07-Aug-1933 TBD ADD
Harve Presnell Actor When the Boys Meet the Girls 14-Sep-1933 30-Jun-2009 DEAD
James E. Preston Business CEO of Avon, 1988-98 30-Apr-1933 TBD ADD
John Price Diplomat US Ambassador to Mauritius, 2002-05 18-Aug-1933 TBD ADD
Reynolds Price Author A Long and Happy Life 01-Feb-1933 20-Jan-2011 DEAD
Coy Privette Activist President, Christian Action League of North Carolina 31-Jan-1933 23-Mar-2015 DEAD
Lee Radziwill Relative Jackie O's sister married a Polish prince 03-Mar-1933 TBD ADD
Bob Rafelson Film Director Five Easy Pieces 21-Feb-1933 TBD ADD
Eugene C. Renzi Military Army Maj. Gen., ManTech VP 16-Dec-1933 09-Feb-2008 DEAD
Ann Richards Politician Governor of Texas, 1991-95 01-Sep-1933 13-Sep-2006 DEAD
Richard W. Riley Politician Governor of South Carolina, 1979-87 02-Jan-1933 TBD ADD
Chita Rivera Dancer Anita in West Side Story on Broadway 23-Jan-1933 TBD ADD
Joan Rivers Comic Can we talk? 08-Jun-1933 04-Sep-2014 DEAD
Edward G. Robinson, Jr. Relative Edward G. Robinson's troubled son 19-Mar-1933 26-Feb-1974 DEAD
Bobby Robson Soccer English soccer manager 18-Feb-1933 31-Jul-2009 DEAD
Thomas Rockwell Author How to Eat Fried Worms 13-Mar-1933 TBD ADD
Joe M. Rodgers Business US Ambassador to France, 1985-89 12-Nov-1933 02-Feb-2009 DEAD
Richard Rogers Architect Designed Centre Pompidou 23-Jul-1933 TBD ADD
Wayne Rogers Actor Trapper John on M*A*S*H 07-Apr-1933 31-Dec-2015 DEAD
Heinrich Rohrer Physicist Co-Inventor, scanning tunneling microscope 06-Jun-1933 16-May-2013 DEAD
Ian M. Rolland Business CEO of Lincoln National, 1977-98 03-Jun-1933 TBD ADD
Peter R. Rosenblatt Attorney Washington attorney 04-Sep-1933 TBD ADD
Philip Roth Novelist Portnoy's Complaint 19-Mar-1933 TBD ADD
Zelda Rubinstein Actor Tangina in Poltergeist 01-Jan-1933 27-Jan-2010 DEAD
Louis Rukeyser Talk Show Host Host of PBS's Wall $treet Week 30-Jan-1933 02-May-2006 DEAD
Norman Rush Novelist Mating 24-Oct-1933 TBD ADD
Oliver Sacks Doctor Awakenings 09-Jul-1933 30-Aug-2015 DEAD
Will Sampson Actor One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest 27-Sep-1933 03-Jun-1987 DEAD
Paul Sarbanes Politician US Senator from Maryland, 1977-2007 03-Feb-1933 TBD ADD
Adolfo Sardina Fashion Designer Designer favored by Nancy Reagan 15-Feb-1933 TBD ADD
William Schwartz Business Dean of Boston University Law, 1980-88 06-May-1933 TBD ADD
Amartya Sen Economist Poverty and Famines 03-Nov-1933 TBD ADD
Robert Shea Author Illuminatus Trilogy 14-Feb-1933 10-Mar-1994 DEAD
Barbara Shelley Actor Village of the Damned 15-Aug-1933 TBD ADD
Jean Shepard Country Musician Beautiful Lies 21-Nov-1933 25-Sep-2016 DEAD
James Shigeta Actor Flower Drum Song 17-Jun-1933 28-Jul-2014 DEAD
Wayne Shorter Jazz Musician Influential sax player and jazz composer 25-Aug-1933 TBD ADD
Than Shwe Head of State Dictator of Burma 02-Feb-1933 TBD ADD
Nina Simone Singer The High Priestess of Soul 21-Feb-1933 21-Apr-2003 DEAD
Tom Skerritt Actor Viper in Top Gun 25-Aug-1933 TBD ADD
Harold B. Smith Business President and COO of ITW, 1972-81 07-Apr-1933 TBD ADD
William Smith Actor Any Which Way You Can 24-Mar-1933 TBD ADD
Susan Sontag Author Novelist, critic, intellectual 16-Jan-1933 28-Dec-2004 DEAD
Victor Spinetti Actor Oh! What A Lovely War 02-Sep-1933 19-Jun-2012 DEAD
Caroll Spinney TV Personality Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch 26-Dec-1933 TBD ADD
Paula Stewart Singer Singer, Bacharach ex-wife 09-Apr-1933 TBD ADD
Mike Stoller Songwriter Hitmaker for Elvis 13-Mar-1933 TBD ADD
David Storey Novelist Saville 13-Jul-1933 27-Mar-2017 DEAD
Morton Subotnick Electronic Musician Silver Apples of the Moon 13-Apr-1933 TBD ADD
Louis Wade Sullivan Government US Secretary of HHS, 1989-93 03-Nov-1933 TBD ADD
Dudley Sutton Actor Tinker Dill on Lovejoy 06-Apr-1933 TBD ADD
Ken Swofford Actor Quentin Morloch on Fame 25-Jul-1933 TBD ADD
Renée Taylor Actor Sylvia Fine on The Nanny 19-Mar-1933 TBD ADD
Grant Teaff Football Baylor Head Football Coach, 1972-92 12-Nov-1933 TBD ADD
Craig Thomas Politician US Senator from Wyoming, 1995-2007 17-Feb-1933 04-Jun-2007 DEAD
Keith Thomas Historian Religion and the Decline of Magic 02-Jan-1933 TBD ADD
Juan R. Torruella Judge 1st Circuit Court of Appeals 07-Jun-1933 TBD ADD
Constance Towers Actor Shock Corridor 20-May-1933 TBD ADD
Michelle Triola Relative Palimony 13-Nov-1933 30-Oct-2009 DEAD
Fred L. Turner Business CEO of McDonald's, 1974-87 06-Jan-1933 07-Jan-2013 DEAD
Conway Twitty Country Musician It's Only Make Believe 01-Sep-1933 05-Jun-1993 DEAD
Judy Tyler Actor Jailhouse Rock 09-Oct-1933 04-Jul-1957 DEAD
Johnny Unitas Football The Golden Arm 07-May-1933 11-Sep-2002 DEAD
Mary Ure Actor Sons and Lovers 18-Feb-1933 03-Apr-1975 DEAD
Gerald W. VandeWalle Judge North Dakota Chief Justice 15-Aug-1933 TBD ADD
E. Norman Veasey Judge Delaware Chief Justice, 1992-2004 09-Jan-1933 TBD ADD
Helen Vendler Critic American poetry critic 30-Apr-1933 TBD ADD
Richard Viguerie Activist Conservative activist 23-Sep-1933 TBD ADD
Malcolm Wallop Politician US Senator from Wyoming, 1977-95 27-Feb-1933 14-Sep-2011 DEAD
Diane Watson Politician Congresswoman from California, 2001-11 12-Nov-1933 TBD ADD
Ben Wattenberg Pundit Think Tank moderator 26-Aug-1933 28-Jun-2015 DEAD
Sanford I. Weill Business CEO of Citigroup, 1998-2003 16-Mar-1933 TBD ADD
Steven Weinberg Physicist Electroweak Theory 03-May-1933 TBD ADD
Joan Weldon Actor Them! 05-Aug-1933 TBD ADD
Frank D. White Politician Governor of Arkansas, 1981-83 04-Jun-1933 21-May-2003 DEAD
James Wieghart Journalist Editor, NY Daily News, 1982-84 16-Aug-1933 21-Feb-2010 DEAD
Gene Wilder Actor Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory 11-Jun-1933 28-Aug-2016 DEAD
Fred Willard Actor Fernwood 2night 18-Sep-1933 TBD ADD
James B. Williams Business CEO of SunTrust Banks, 1991-98 21-Mar-1933 TBD ADD
Charlie Wilson Politician Congressman from Texas, 1973-96 01-Jun-1933 10-Feb-2010 DEAD
Flip Wilson Comic The Flip Wilson Show 08-Dec-1933 25-Nov-1998 DEAD
Pete Wilson Politician Governor of California, 1991-99 23-Aug-1933 TBD ADD
James Wolfensohn Business World Bank president, 1995-2005 01-Dec-1933 TBD ADD
Paul Wonnacott Economist Council of Economic Advisers, 1991-93 16-Mar-1933 TBD ADD
Gordon S. Wood Historian The Creation of the American Republic 27-Nov-1933 TBD ADD
Charles Wyly Business Billionaire, Michael's Stores 13-Oct-1933 07-Aug-2011 DEAD
Peter Wyngarde Actor Jason King 23-Aug-1933 TBD ADD
Brock Yates Auto Racing Cannonball Run 21-Oct-1933 05-Oct-2016 DEAD
Yevgeny Yevtushenko Poet Babi Yar 18-Jul-1933 01-Apr-2017 DEAD
Don Young Politician Congressman from Alaska 09-Jun-1933 TBD ADD
Philip Zimbardo Psychologist 1971 Stanford Prison Experiment 23-Mar-1933 TBD ADD
Raymond Zimmerman Business CEO of Service Merchandise, 1981-97 04-Apr-1933 TBD ADD