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Hank Aaron Baseball Hit 755 home runs over his career 05-Feb-1934 TBD ADD
Ian Abercrombie Actor Alfred Pennyworth on Birds of Prey 11-Sep-1934 26-Jan-2012 DEAD
Umberto Agnelli Business Chairman of Fiat, 2003-04 01-Nov-1934 27-May-2004 DEAD
John F. Akers Business CEO of IBM, 1986-93 28-Dec-1934 22-Aug-2014 DEAD
Tony Alamo Religion Tony Alamo Christian Ministries 20-Sep-1934 02-May-2017 DEAD
Albert II Royalty King of Belgium, 1993-2013 06-Jun-1934 TBD ADD
Bill Alexander Politician Congressman from Arkansas, 1969-93 16-Jan-1934 TBD ADD
Gene Allison Singer You Can Make It If You Try 29-Apr-1934 28-Feb-2004 DEAD
Jacques d'Amboise Dancer Founder of the National Dance Institute 28-Jul-1934 TBD ADD
Sparky Anderson Baseball Reds and Tigers manager 22-Feb-1934 04-Nov-2010 DEAD
Piers Anthony Novelist Xanth, Incarnations of Immortality 06-Aug-1934 TBD ADD
Luis Aparicio Baseball Shortstop, MLB Hall of Famer 29-Apr-1934 TBD ADD
Jerry Apodaca Politician Governor of New Mexico, 1975-79 03-Oct-1934 TBD ADD
Thomas Aranda, Jr. Attorney US Ambassador to Uruguay, 1981-85 09-Apr-1934 TBD ADD
Victor Argo Actor Taxi Driver and Mean Streets 05-Nov-1934 06-Apr-2004 DEAD
Alan Arkin Actor Catch 22 26-Mar-1934 TBD ADD
Giorgio Armani Fashion Designer Perfected the '80s power suit 11-Jul-1934 TBD ADD
Peter Arnett Journalist Reporter during the Persian Gulf War 13-Nov-1934 TBD ADD
Maureen Arthur Actor How to Succeed in Business 15-Apr-1934 TBD ADD
Jean Ashbrook Politician Congresswoman from Ohio, 1982-83 21-Sep-1934 TBD ADD
John Ashley Actor Beach Blanket Bingo 25-Dec-1934 03-Oct-1997 DEAD
Eileen Atkins Actor Co-Creator of Upstairs, Downstairs 16-Jun-1934 TBD ADD
Beryl Bainbridge Novelist Master Georgie 21-Nov-1934 02-Jul-2010 DEAD
Kenneth Baker Politician UK Home Secretary, 1990-92 03-Nov-1934 TBD ADD
Kenny Baker Actor The man inside R2-D2 24-Aug-1934 13-Aug-2016 DEAD
Tom Baker Actor 4th Doctor on Doctor Who 20-Jan-1934 TBD ADD
Amiri Baraka Author Hated Whitey 07-Oct-1934 09-Jan-2014 DEAD
Brigitte Bardot Actor Voulez-vous danser avec moi? 28-Sep-1934 TBD ADD
Joanna Barnes Actor Goodbye Charlie 15-Nov-1934 TBD ADD
Keith Barron Actor David Pearce on Duty Free 08-Aug-1934 TBD ADD
Robert L. Barry Diplomat US Ambassador to Indonesia, 1992-95 28-Aug-1934 TBD ADD
Alan Bates Actor Basil in Zorba the Greek 17-Feb-1934 27-Dec-2003 DEAD
Elgin Baylor Basketball Los Angeles Lakers forward 16-Sep-1934 TBD ADD
Carlos T. Bea Judge 9th Circuit Court of Appeals 18-Apr-1934 TBD ADD
Eusebius J. Beltran Religion Archbishop of Oklahoma City, 1993-2010 31-Aug-1934 TBD ADD
Alan Bennett Playwright The Madness of George III 09-May-1934 TBD ADD
Claude Berri Film Director Jean de Florette 01-Jul-1934 12-Jan-2009 DEAD
Ted Berrigan Poet The Sonnets 15-Nov-1934 04-Jul-1983 DEAD
Wendell Berry Author A Place on Earth 05-Aug-1934 TBD ADD
John Bingham, 7th Earl of Lucan Aristocrat 7th Earl of Lucan, murderer 18-Dec-1934 03-Feb-2016 ADD
Bill Bixby Actor David Banner on The Incredible Hulk 22-Jan-1934 21-Nov-1993 DEAD
Harry Blackstone, Jr. Magician TV and stage illusionist 30-Jun-1934 14-May-1997 DEAD
Sissela Bok Scholar Ethicist 02-Dec-1934 TBD ADD
Joseph Bologna Actor Blame it on Rio 30-Dec-1934 13-Aug-2017 DEAD
Edward Bond Playwright Saved 18-Jul-1934 TBD ADD
Pat Boone Singer Lounge singer, 45-million records sold 01-Jun-1934 TBD ADD
Leonard Boswell Politician Congressman, Iowa 3rd 10-Jan-1934 TBD ADD
Richard Bradford Actor Man in a Suitcase 10-Nov-1934 22-Mar-2016 DEAD
Lakhdar Brahimi Government UN Envoy to Iraq, 2004-05 01-Jan-1934 TBD ADD
Edward A. Brennan Business CEO of Sears Roebuck, 1984-95 16-Jan-1934 27-Dec-2007 DEAD
Joseph E. Brennan Politician Governor of Maine, 1979-87 02-Nov-1934 TBD ADD
Richard Briers Actor Tom Good on The Good Life 14-Jan-1934 17-Feb-2013 DEAD
Everett Briggs Diplomat US Ambassador to Portugal, 1990-93 06-Apr-1934 TBD ADD
Wilford Brimley Actor Grandfatherly actor, shill for Oatmeal Industry 27-Sep-1934 TBD ADD
Eleanor Bron Actor A Touch of Love 14-Mar-1934 TBD ADD
Peter Brooke Politician Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, 1989-92 03-Mar-1934 TBD ADD
Wade Brorby Judge 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, 1988-2001 23-May-1934 TBD ADD
Jim Ed Brown Country Music Singer Pop a Top 01-Apr-1934 11-Jun-2015 DEAD
Lester R. Brown Activist Earth Policy Institute 28-Mar-1934 TBD ADD
Willie Brown Politician Mayor of San Francisco, 1997-2004 20-Mar-1934 TBD ADD
Chauncey H. Browning, Jr. Attorney Attorney General of West Virginia, 1969-85 21-Nov-1934 01-Jan-2010 DEAD
Alexander J. Brunett Religion Catholic Archbishop of Seattle, 1997-2010 17-Jan-1934 TBD ADD
John Brunner Author The Shockwave Rider 24-Sep-1934 25-Aug-1995 DEAD
Vincent Bugliosi Government Prosecuted Manson, wrote Helter Skelter 18-Aug-1934 06-Jun-2015 DEAD
David Burke Actor The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 25-May-1934 TBD ADD
Johnny Burnette Musician Rockabilly instigator 25-Mar-1934 14-Aug-1964 DEAD
Jerry Buss Business Owner, Los Angeles Lakers 15-Jun-1934 18-Feb-2013 DEAD
Donald Cammell Film Director Performance 17-Jan-1934 24-Apr-1996 DEAD
Hamilton Camp Actor Voice of GizmoDuck 30-Oct-1934 02-Oct-2005 DEAD
Walter Capps Politician Congressman from California, 1997 05-May-1934 28-Oct-1997 DEAD
Cuauhtemoc Cardenas Politician Anti-PRI Mexican politician 01-May-1934 TBD ADD
John Carey Critic The Intellectuals and the Masses 05-Apr-1934 TBD ADD
Arne Carlson Politician Governor of Minnesota, 1991-99 24-Sep-1934 TBD ADD
Ingvar Carlsson Head of State Twice Prime Minister of Sweden 09-Nov-1934 TBD ADD
Mel Carnahan Politician Dead man, still defeated John Ashcroft 11-Feb-1934 16-Oct-2000 DEAD
Paul Carr Actor The Bat People 01-Feb-1934 17-Feb-2006 DEAD
Conlan Carter Actor Doc on Combat! 03-Oct-1934 TBD ADD
Howard "Hopalong" Cassady Football Winner, 1955 Heisman Trophy 02-Mar-1934 TBD ADD
Gilbert Cates Film Director I Never Sang for My Father 06-Jun-1934 01-Nov-2011 DEAD
Gene Cernan Astronaut Last man on the moon (Apollo 17) 14-Mar-1934 16-Jan-2017 DEAD
John T. Chain Military C-in-C, Strategic Air Command, 1986-91 11-Dec-1934 TBD ADD
George Chakiris Actor West Side Story 16-Sep-1934 TBD ADD
Don Chandler Football Former NFL placekicker 05-Sep-1934 11-Aug-2011 DEAD
Charles Chatfield Historian Pacifism in America, 1914-1941 11-Mar-1934 15-Jan-2015 DEAD
Don Cherry Hockey Hockey player, head coach, broadcaster 05-Feb-1934 TBD ADD
Dominic Chianese Actor Uncle Junior on The Sopranos 02-Sep-1934 TBD ADD
Jean Chrétien Head of State Prime Minister of Canada, 1993-2003 11-Jan-1934 TBD ADD
Eva M. Clayton Politician Congresswoman from North Carolina, 1992-2003 16-Sep-1934 TBD ADD
Roberto Clemente Baseball Puerto Rican baseball star 18-Aug-1934 31-Dec-1972 DEAD
Van Cliburn Pianist Piano prodigy 12-Jul-1934 27-Feb-2013 DEAD
Del Close Actor The Funniest One in the Room 09-Mar-1934 04-Mar-1999 DEAD
Barry Coe Actor Ben Gregory on Follow the Sun 26-Nov-1934 TBD ADD
Leonard Cohen Singer/Songwriter Hallelujah 21-Sep-1934 07-Nov-2016 DEAD
Warren I. Cohen Historian America's Response to China 20-Jun-1934 TBD ADD
John Coleman TV Personality Founder, The Weather Channel 15-Oct-1934 TBD ADD
Jack Colvin Actor Jack McGee on The Incredible Hulk 13-Oct-1934 01-Dec-2005 DEAD
Darlene Conley Actor The Bold and the Beautiful 18-Jul-1934 14-Jan-2007 DEAD
Maureen Connolly Tennis Little Mo 17-Sep-1934 21-Jun-1969 DEAD
Jill Ker Conway Educator President of Smith College, 1975-85 09-Oct-1934 TBD ADD
Edwin Corr Diplomat US Ambassador to El Salvador, 1985-88 06-Aug-1934 TBD ADD
Carolyn Craig Actor House on Haunted Hill 27-Oct-1934 12-Dec-1970 DEAD
Wendy Craig Actor Matron on The Royal 20-Jun-1934 TBD ADD
Bettino Craxi Head of State Prime Minister of Italy, 1983-87 24-Feb-1934 19-Jan-2000 DEAD
Dani Crayne Actor Shoot-Out at Medicine Bend 25-Dec-1934 TBD ADD
Edith Cresson Head of State Prime Minister of France, 1991-92 27-Jan-1934 TBD ADD
Linda Cristal Actor Victoria Cannon on The High Chaparral 23-Feb-1934 TBD ADD
Dennis Crosby Singer Bing Crosby's son, suicide with shotgun 13-Jul-1934 07-May-1991 DEAD
Philip Crosby Singer Son of Bing Crosby 13-Jul-1934 13-Jan-2004 DEAD
Paul Crouch Religion Trinity Broadcasting Network 30-Mar-1934 30-Nov-2013 DEAD
Robert Curvin Activist Former Black Power activist 23-Feb-1934 29-Sep-2015 DEAD
Robert Dallek Historian An Unfinished Life: John F. Kennedy, 1917-1963 16-May-1934 TBD ADD
Audrey Dalton Actor Titanic 21-Jan-1934 TBD ADD
Nicholas Daniloff Journalist Journalist jailed by Soviet Union 30-Dec-1934 TBD ADD
Pat Danner Politician Congresswoman from Missouri, 1993-2001 13-Jan-1934 TBD ADD
Mario Davidovsky Composer Synchronisms 04-Mar-1934 TBD ADD
Willie D. Davis Football Businessman, former football player 24-Jul-1934 TBD ADD
Judi Dench Actor Mrs. Brown 09-Dec-1934 TBD ADD
Joan Didion Author Slouching Toward Bethlehem 05-Dec-1934 TBD ADD
Annette Dionne Victim Canadian quintuplets put on display 28-May-1934 TBD ADD
Cecile Dionne Victim Canadian quintuplets put on display 28-May-1934 TBD ADD
Emilie Dionne Victim Canadian quintuplets put on display 28-May-1934 06-Aug-1954 DEAD
Marie Dionne Victim Canadian quintuplets put on display 28-May-1934 27-Feb-1970 DEAD
Yvonne Dionne Victim Canadian quintuplets put on display 28-May-1934 23-Jun-2001 DEAD
Edward D. DiPrete Politician Governor of Rhode Island, 1985-91 08-Jul-1934 TBD ADD
Julian C. Dixon Politician Congressman from California, 1979-2000 08-Aug-1934 08-Dec-2000 DEAD
Vernon Dobtcheff Actor Priceless 14-Aug-1934 TBD ADD
Sam Donaldson Journalist ABC newscaster, sheep rancher 11-Mar-1934 TBD ADD
Robert DoQui Actor Sgt. Reed in Robocop 20-Apr-1934 09-Feb-2008 DEAD
Shirley Douglas Actor May Bailey on Wind at My Back 02-Apr-1934 TBD ADD
James Drury Actor The Virginian 18-Apr-1934 TBD ADD
Lois Duncan Author I Know What You Did Last Summer 28-Apr-1934 15-Jun-2016 DEAD
Michael Dunn Actor Dr. Miguelito Loveless 20-Oct-1934 30-Aug-1973 DEAD
David Durenberger Politician US Senator from Minnesota, 1978-95 19-Aug-1934 TBD ADD
Barbara Eden Actor I Dream of Jeannie 23-Aug-1934 TBD ADD
Vernon Ehlers Politician Congressman from Michigan, 1993-2011 06-Feb-1934 15-Aug-2017 DEAD
Paul Ekman Psychologist Facial Action Coding System 15-Feb-1934 TBD ADD
Don Ellis Jazz Musician Jazz trumpeter, The Don Ellis Orchestra 25-Jul-1934 17-Dec-1978 DEAD
Harlan Ellison Author I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream 27-May-1934 TBD ADD
Brian Epstein Business Manager of The Beatles 19-Sep-1934 27-Aug-1967 DEAD
M. Stanton Evans Activist Conservative activist 20-Jul-1934 03-Mar-2015 DEAD
Judith Exner Author JFK mistress 11-Jan-1934 25-Sep-1999 DEAD
Thomas T. Farley Attorney Partner, Petersen & Fonda 10-Nov-1934 TBD ADD
Jamie Farr Actor Cpl. Klinger on M*A*S*H 01-Jul-1934 TBD ADD
Franklin M. Fisher Economist Economist at MIT 13-Dec-1934 TBD ADD
Bill Fitch Basketball Longtime NBA and NCAA coach 19-May-1934 TBD ADD
Donald V. Fites Business CEO of Caterpillar, 1990-99 20-Jan-1934 TBD ADD
Ed Flanders Actor Dr. Westphall on St. Elsewhere 29-Dec-1934 22-Feb-1995 DEAD
Louise Fletcher Actor Nurse Ratched in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest 22-Jul-1934 TBD ADD
James R. Flynn Scholar Flynn Effect 18-Apr-1934 TBD ADD
Kirk Fordice Politician Governor of Mississippi, 1992-2000 10-Feb-1934 07-Sep-2004 DEAD
James Franciscus Actor Mr. Novak 31-Jan-1934 08-Jul-1991 DEAD
W. D. Frederick, Jr. Business Mayor of Orlando, 1980-92 06-Jul-1934 TBD ADD
Al Freeman, Jr. Actor Malcolm X 21-Mar-1934 10-Aug-2012 DEAD
Victor French Actor Highway to Heaven 04-Dec-1934 15-Jun-1989 DEAD
Alan Fudge Actor C. W. Crawford on The Man from Atlantis 27-Feb-1934 10-Oct-2011 DEAD
Frederick P. Furth Attorney Partner, The Furth Firm 12-Apr-1934 TBD ADD
Yuri Gagarin Astronaut First person to orbit earth 09-Mar-1934 27-Mar-1968 DEAD
Arun Gandhi Activist Grandson of Mahatma Gandhi 14-Apr-1934 TBD ADD
Martin Garbus Attorney Attorney for Lenny Bruce 08-Aug-1934 TBD ADD
Thomas J. Garland Politician Past Chancellor, Tennessee Board of Regents 16-Jun-1934 TBD ADD
Susan George Political Scientist How the Other Half Dies 29-Jun-1934 TBD ADD
Gordon Getty Business Heir to the Getty Oil fortune 20-Dec-1934 TBD ADD
Brian Glover Actor Lugg on Campion 02-Apr-1934 24-Jul-1997 DEAD
Jane Goodall Naturalist Primate researcher 03-Apr-1934 TBD ADD
Yakubu Gowon Head of State Dictator of Nigeria, 1966-75 19-Oct-1934 TBD ADD
Clive W.J. Granger Economist Granger causality 04-Sep-1934 27-May-2009 DEAD
Michael Graves Architect Postmodern architect, New York Five 09-Jul-1934 12-Mar-2015 DEAD
Hamilton Green Head of State Prime Minister of Guyana, 1985-92 09-Nov-1934 TBD ADD
Vartan Gregorian Educator President of Carnegie Corporation 08-Apr-1934 TBD ADD
Andre Gregory Theater Director My Dinner with Andre 11-May-1934 TBD ADD
Tammy Grimes Actor The Unsinkable Molly Brown 30-Jan-1934 30-Oct-2016 DEAD
Joan Hackett Actor Only When I Laugh 01-Mar-1934 08-Oct-1983 DEAD
David Halberstam Journalist The Powers That Be 10-Apr-1934 23-Apr-2007 DEAD
John L. Hall Physicist Quantum optics 21-Aug-1934 TBD ADD
Anne Haney Actor Mrs. Doubtfire 04-Mar-1934 26-May-2001 DEAD
Phil Hardberger Politician Mayor of San Antonio 27-Jul-1934 TBD ADD
John L. Harmer Politician Lt. Governor of California, 1974-75 28-Apr-1934 TBD ADD
Noel Harrison Actor The Best of Enemies 29-Jan-1934 20-Oct-2013 DEAD
Peter Haskell Actor Kevin Grant on Bracken's World 15-Oct-1934 12-Apr-2010 DEAD
Orrin Hatch Politician US Senator from Utah 22-Mar-1934 TBD ADD
Rita E. Hauser Activist Former Partner, Stroock & Stroock & Lavan 12-Jul-1934 TBD ADD
Lloyd Haynes Actor Pete Dixon on Room 222 19-Sep-1934 01-Jan-1987 DEAD
George Hearn Actor Broadway musical actor 18-Jun-1934 TBD ADD
Tom Heinsohn Basketball Boston Celtics Head Coach, 1969-78 26-Aug-1934 TBD ADD
Warren Hellman Business Hellman & Friedman 25-Jul-1934 TBD ADD
Florence Henderson Actor Carol (mom) on The Brady Bunch 14-Feb-1934 24-Nov-2016 DEAD
Roman Herzog Head of State President of Germany, 1994-99 05-Apr-1934 10-Jan-2017 DEAD
Dwayne Hickman Actor Dobie Gillis 18-May-1934 TBD ADD
Carla Hills Diplomat US Trade Representative, 1989-93 03-Jan-1934 TBD ADD
Lew Hoad Tennis Winner of 13 Grand Slam titles 23-Nov-1934 03-Jul-1994 DEAD
Godfrey Hodgson Journalist The Myth of American Exceptionalism 01-Feb-1934 TBD ADD
James Holshouser Politician Governor of North Carolina, 1973-77 08-Oct-1934 17-Jun-2013 DEAD
Hume Alexander Horan Diplomat US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, 1988 13-Aug-1934 22-Jul-2004 DEAD
Shirley Horn Singer Here's To Life 01-May-1934 20-Oct-2005 DEAD
Marilyn Horne Singer Operatic mezzo soprano 16-Jan-1934 TBD ADD
Sam Huff Football NFL Hall of Famer 04-Oct-1934 TBD ADD
James C. Humes Government Speechwriter to five Presidents 31-Oct-1934 TBD ADD
Cláudio Hummes Religion Archbishop of So Paulo 08-Aug-1934 TBD ADD
Barry Humphries Actor Dame Edna 17-Feb-1934 TBD ADD
Jim Hutton Actor Ellery Queen 31-May-1934 02-Jun-1979 DEAD
Stephen Hymer Economist A Study of Direct Foreign Investment 15-Nov-1934 02-Feb-1974 DEAD
Don Ihde Philosopher Technics and Praxis 14-Jan-1934 TBD ADD
James Inhofe Politician US Senator from Oklahoma 17-Nov-1934 TBD ADD
Roy Innis Activist Congress of Racial Equality 06-Jun-1934 08-Jan-2017 DEAD
Akira Iriye Historian Across the Pacific 20-Oct-1934 TBD ADD
John E. Jacob Business President of Urban League, 1982-94 16-Dec-1934 TBD ADD
Fob James Politician Twice Governor of Alabama 15-Sep-1934 TBD ADD
Fredric Jameson Author The Political Unconscious 14-Apr-1934 TBD ADD
Claude Jarman, Jr. Actor The Yearling 27-Sep-1934 TBD ADD
Tom Jarriel Journalist ABC News correspondent 29-Dec-1934 TBD ADD
Jim Jeffords Politician US Senator from Vermont, 1989-2007 11-May-1934 18-Aug-2014 DEAD
David E. Jeremiah Military Vice Chairman, Joint Chiefs, 1990-94 25-Feb-1934 07-Oct-2013 DEAD
Diane Johnson Novelist Fair Game 28-Apr-1934 TBD ADD
Maggie Jones Actor Coronation Street 21-Jun-1934 02-Dec-2009 DEAD
Oliver Jones Jazz Musician Lights of Burgundy 11-Sep-1934 TBD ADD
Shirley Jones Actor Mom of The Partridge Family 31-Mar-1934 TBD ADD
Thomas L. Judge Politician Governor of Montana, 1973-81 12-Oct-1934 08-Sep-2006 DEAD
Sonny Jurgensen Football NFL Hall of Famer 23-Aug-1934 TBD ADD
Daniel Kahneman Psychologist The psychology of economics 05-Mar-1934 TBD ADD
Al Kaline Baseball Detroit Tigers hitter 19-Dec-1934 TBD ADD
Carl Kasell Radio Personality NPR broadcaster 02-Apr-1934 TBD ADD
Herma Hill Kay Legal Scholar Dean of Boalt Hall, 1992-2000 18-Aug-1934 10-Jun-2017 DEAD
John Keegan Historian The Face of Battle 15-May-1934 02-Aug-2012 DEAD
Graham Kerr Chef The Galloping Gourmet 22-Jan-1934 TBD ADD
Roy Kerr Mathematician Rotating black holes 16-May-1934 TBD ADD
Freddie King Guitarist Blues guitarist, The Texas Cannonball 03-Sep-1934 28-Dec-1976 DEAD
Roy Kinnear Actor Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory 08-Jan-1934 20-Sep-1988 DEAD
Don Kirshner Business Mastermind behind The Monkees 17-Apr-1934 17-Jan-2011 DEAD
Charles Kuralt TV Personality On the Road 10-Sep-1934 04-Jul-1997 DEAD
Larissa Latynina Gymnastics Soviet gymnast, 18 Olympic medals 27-Dec-1934 TBD ADD
Louis A. Lavorato Judge Iowa Chief Justice, 2000-06 29-Sep-1934 TBD ADD
Philip Leder Biologist Harvard Geneticist 19-Nov-1934 TBD ADD
Yur-Bok Lee Historian Diplomatic Relations Between the US and Korea 15-Nov-1934 TBD ADD
Jim Lehrer Journalist PBS NewsHour 19-May-1934 TBD ADD
Tony Lema Golf Winner, 1964 British Open 25-Feb-1934 24-Jul-1966 DEAD
Alexei Leonov Astronaut First man to walk in space 30-May-1934 TBD ADD
Carl Levin Politician US Senator from Michigan 28-Jun-1934 TBD ADD
Jerry Lewis Politician Congressman, California 41st 21-Oct-1934 TBD ADD
Gerald F. Linderman Historian Embattled Courage 13-Sep-1934 TBD ADD
Calvin Lockhart Actor Uptown Saturday Night 18-Sep-1934 29-Mar-2007 DEAD
Audre Lorde Author A Burst of Light 18-Feb-1934 17-Nov-1992 DEAD
Sophia Loren Actor La Ciociara 20-Sep-1934 TBD ADD
Tina Louise Actor Ginger on Gilligan's Island 11-Feb-1934 TBD ADD
Laurence Luckinbill Actor The Boys in the Band 21-Nov-1934 TBD ADD
Paul W. MacAvoy Economist Council of Economic Advisers, 1975-76 21-Apr-1934 TBD ADD
Shirley MacLaine Actor Terms of Endearment 24-Apr-1934 TBD ADD
John Madden Football Gregarious Sports Announcer 10-Apr-1934 TBD ADD
Miguel de la Madrid Head of State President of Mexico, 1982-88 12-Dec-1934 01-Apr-2012 DEAD
Jeb Magruder Government Nixon's deputy campaign director 05-Nov-1934 11-May-2014 DEAD
Charles Manson Criminal Helter Skelter 12-Nov-1934 TBD ADD
Roger Maris Baseball Broke Babe Ruth's home run record 10-Sep-1934 14-Dec-1985 DEAD
Donald Marron Business PaineWebber CEO 21-Jul-1934 TBD ADD
Jean Marsh Actor Co-Creator, Upstairs, Downstairs 01-Jul-1934 TBD ADD
Garry Marshall Film Director Happy Days 13-Nov-1934 19-Jul-2016 DEAD
Wink Martindale Game Show Host Tic-Tac-Dough 04-Dec-1934 TBD ADD
Bob Martinez Politician Governor of Florida, 1987-91 25-Dec-1934 TBD ADD
Jackie Mason Comic The World According to Me! 09-Jun-1934 TBD ADD
Rue McClanahan Actor Blanche on The Golden Girls 21-Feb-1934 03-Jun-2010 DEAD
W. Craig McClelland Business CEO of Union Camp, 1994-99 21-Apr-1934 TBD ADD
Tommy McDonald Football NFL Hall of Famer 26-Jul-1934 TBD ADD
John McGahern Novelist Amongst Women 12-Nov-1934 30-Mar-2006 DEAD
Barbara McNair Singer You're Gonna Love My Baby 04-Mar-1934 04-Feb-2007 DEAD
Carver A. Mead Engineer Microelectronics 01-May-1934 TBD ADD
Ved Mehta Author Face to Face 21-Mar-1934 TBD ADD
Philip Merrill Publisher Capital Gazette Communications 28-Apr-1934 10-Jun-2006 DEAD
Stjepan Mesic Head of State President of Croatia 24-Dec-1934 TBD ADD
Eugene H. Methvin Journalist Readers Digest 19-Sep-1934 TBD ADD
Empress Michiko Royalty Empress of Japan 20-Oct-1934 TBD ADD
Denny Miller Actor Duke Shannon on Wagon Train 25-Apr-1934 09-Sep-2014 DEAD
Jonathan Miller Film Director Beyond the Fringe 21-Jul-1934 TBD ADD
Kate Millett Activist Sexual Politics 14-Sep-1934 06-Sep-2017 DEAD
Little Milton Musician Annie Mae's Cafe 17-Sep-1934 04-Aug-2005 DEAD
Roger J. Miner Judge 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals, 1985-97 14-Apr-1934 18-Feb-2012 DEAD
Arthur Mitchell Dancer Dance Theatre of Harlem 27-Mar-1934 TBD ADD
N. Scott Momaday Novelist House Made of Dawn 27-Feb-1934 TBD ADD
Robert Moog Inventor Invented the synthesizer 23-May-1934 21-Aug-2005 DEAD
Joanna Moore Actor Walk on the Wild Side 10-Nov-1934 22-Nov-1997 DEAD
H. Wayne Morgan Historian William McKinley and His America 16-May-1934 29-Jan-2014 DEAD
Willie Morris Author North Toward Home 29-Nov-1934 02-Aug-1999 DEAD
Bill Moyers Journalist NOW with Bill Moyers 05-Jun-1934 TBD ADD
Jose Mujica Head of State President of Uruguay, 2010-15 20-May-1934 TBD ADD
Janet Munro Actor Swiss Family Robinson 28-Sep-1934 06-Dec-1972 DEAD
Diana E. Murphy Judge 8th Circuit Court of Appeals 04-Jan-1934 TBD ADD
Eugene F. Murphy Business Vice Chairman of GE, 1997-99 24-Feb-1934 TBD ADD
John R. Murphy Publisher Publisher of the Baltimore Sun, 1981-92 07-Jan-1934 TBD ADD
Bingu wa Mutharika Head of State President of Malawi, 2004-12 24-Feb-1934 05-Apr-2012 DEAD
Ralph Nader Activist Unsafe at Any Speed 27-Feb-1934 TBD ADD
Stephen Neal Politician Congressman from North Carolina, 1975-95 07-Nov-1934 TBD ADD
Jerry Nelson Performance Artist Count von Count 10-Jul-1934 23-Aug-2012 DEAD
Peter Nero Pianist Philly Pops 22-May-1934 TBD ADD
Ron Nessen Government Gerald Ford's press secretary 25-May-1934 TBD ADD
Nanette Newman Actor International Velvet 29-May-1934 TBD ADD
Manuel Noriega Head of State Panamanian dictator 11-Feb-1934 29-May-2017 DEAD
James Oberstar Politician Congressman from Minnesota, 1975-2011 10-Sep-1934 03-May-2014 DEAD
Lute Olson Basketball Head Coach, AZ Wildcats Basketball 22-Sep-1934 TBD ADD
Katherine D. Ortega Government Treasurer of the US, 1983-89 16-Jul-1934 TBD ADD
Russell E. Palmer Business Dean of the Wharton School, 1983-90 13-Aug-1934 TBD ADD
Tassos Papadopoulos Head of State President of Cyprus, 2003-08 07-Jan-1934 12-Dec-2008 DEAD
Jim Parker Football Lineman, NFL Hall of Famer 03-Apr-1934 18-Jul-2005 DEAD
Pratibha Patil Head of State President of India 19-Dec-1934 TBD ADD
Jerry M. Patterson Politician Congressman from California, 1975-85 25-Oct-1934 TBD ADD
Donald Payne Politician Congressman from New Jersey, 1989-2012 16-Jul-1934 06-Mar-2012 DEAD
Siân Phillips Actor I, Claudius 14-May-1934 TBD ADD
Daniel Edward Pilarczyk Religion Catholic Archbishop of Cincinnati, 1982-2009 12-Aug-1934 TBD ADD
Colin Platt Historian The English Medieval Town 11-Nov-1934 TBD ADD
Sydney Pollack Film Director Tootsie 01-Jul-1934 26-May-2008 DEAD
John C. Porfilio Judge 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, 1985-99 14-Oct-1934 TBD ADD
Alvin F. Poussaint Doctor Child-rearing expert 15-May-1934 TBD ADD
David Pryor Politician US Senator from Arkansas, 1979-97 29-Aug-1934 TBD ADD
Anthony Quainton Diplomat US Ambassador to Peru, 1989-92 04-Apr-1934 TBD ADD
Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani Head of State President of Iran, 1989-97 25-Aug-1934 08-Jan-2017 DEAD
C. N. R. Rao Chemist Chemistry of superconductivity 30-Jun-1934 TBD ADD
William R. Ratchford Politician Congressman from Connecticut, 1979-85 24-May-1934 02-Jan-2011 DEAD
John Rechy Author City of Night 10-Mar-1934 TBD ADD
Marc Rich Criminal Pardoned by Clinton 18-Dec-1934 26-Jun-2013 DEAD
Pierre Richard Actor La chvre 16-Aug-1934 TBD ADD
Ian Richardson Actor House of Cards 07-Apr-1934 09-Feb-2007 DEAD
Alexandra Ripley Author Scarlett 08-Jan-1934 10-Jan-2004 DEAD
Edward L. Romero Business US Ambassador to Spain, 1998-2001 02-Jan-1934 TBD ADD
Ken Rosewall Tennis Winner of 17 Grand Slam titles 02-Nov-1934 TBD ADD
Ted Ross Actor Cowardly Lion in The Wiz 30-Jun-1934 03-Sep-2002 DEAD
Patsy Rowlands Actor Carry on... 19-Jan-1934 22-Jan-2005 DEAD
Carlo Rubbia Physicist Co-Discovered W and Z particles 31-Mar-1934 TBD ADD
Bill Russell Basketball Boston Celtics, five time MVP 12-Feb-1934 TBD ADD
George Ryan Politician Governor of Illinois, 1999-2003 24-Feb-1934 TBD ADD
Mark Rydell Film Director On Golden Pond 23-Mar-1934 TBD ADD
Carl Sagan Astronomer Popular astronomer, host of Cosmos 09-Nov-1934 20-Dec-1996 DEAD
Bengt I. Samuelsson Scientist Prostaglandins 21-May-1934 TBD ADD
Robert Fortune Sanchez Religion Catholic Archbishop of Santa Fe, 1974-93 20-Mar-1934 20-Jan-2012 DEAD
Ronald A. Sarasin Politician Congressman from Connecticut, 1973-79 31-Dec-1934 TBD ADD
Merl Saunders Pianist Jazz & New Age keyboardist 14-Feb-1934 24-Oct-2008 DEAD
Jonas Savimbi Military Angolan UNITA rebel 03-Aug-1934 22-Feb-2002 DEAD
Eugene Sawyer Politician Mayor of Chicago, 1987-89 03-Sep-1934 19-Jan-2008 DEAD
Gia Scala Actor The Guns of Navarone 03-Mar-1934 30-Apr-1972 DEAD
Dick Schaap Journalist Flashing Before My Eyes 27-Sep-1934 21-Dec-2001 DEAD
Henry B. Schacht Business Former CEO of Cummins, Lucent 16-Oct-1934 TBD ADD
Sydney Schanberg Journalist The Death and Life of Dith Pran 17-Jan-1934 09-Jul-2016 DEAD
Howard Schnellenberger Football FAU Head Coach 16-Mar-1934 TBD ADD
Rudolf Schuster Head of State President of Slovak Republic 04-Jan-1934 TBD ADD
Norman Schwarzkopf Military Leader in Persian Gulf War 22-Aug-1934 27-Dec-2012 DEAD
Willard Scott TV Personality Today Show weatherman 07-Mar-1934 TBD ADD
Renata Scotto Singer Italian operatic soprano 24-Feb-1934 TBD ADD
George Segal Actor Fun with Dick and Jane 13-Feb-1934 TBD ADD
Bud Selig Baseball Commissioner of Baseball, 1992-2015 30-Jul-1934 TBD ADD
Bruce M. Selya Judge 1st Circuit Court of Appeals, 1986-2006 27-May-1934 TBD ADD
Del Shannon Singer/Songwriter 1960s songwriter, Runaway 30-Dec-1934 08-Feb-1990 DEAD
Karen Sharpe Actor Laura Thomas on Johnny Ringo 20-Sep-1934 TBD ADD
William F. Sharpe Economist Capital asset pricing model 16-Jun-1934 TBD ADD
Ray Shaw Journalist Former President, Dow Jones 28-Mar-1934 19-Jul-2009 DEAD
Richard Shelby Politician US Senator from Alabama 06-May-1934 TBD ADD
Norman D. Shumway Politician Congressman from California, 1979-91 28-Jul-1934 TBD ADD
Richard D. Simmons Business President of Washington Post Co., 1981-91 30-Dec-1934 TBD ADD
Maggie Smith Actor Prof. McGonagall in Harry Potter 28-Dec-1934 TBD ADD
Nick Smith Politician Congressman from Michigan, 1993-2005 05-Nov-1934 TBD ADD
Wole Soyinka Playwright Politically-charged Nigerian author 13-Jul-1934 TBD ADD
John Standing Actor British stage and film actor 16-Aug-1934 TBD ADD
Bart Starr Football Green Bay Packers QB, 1956-71 09-Jan-1934 TBD ADD
Gloria Steinem Activist Founder, Ms. Magazine 25-Mar-1934 TBD ADD
Inger Stevens Actor The Farmer's Daughter 18-Oct-1934 30-Apr-1970 DEAD
Guy Stockwell Actor Beau Geste 16-Nov-1934 06-Feb-2002 DEAD
Mark Strand Poet U.S. Poet Laureate 1990-91 11-Apr-1934 29-Nov-2014 DEAD
John Sweeney Labor Leader President of the AFL-CIO, 1995-2009 05-May-1934 TBD ADD
Chuck Swindoll Religion Insight for Living 18-Oct-1934 TBD ADD
William L. Swing Diplomat US Ambassador to Congo, 1998-2001 11-Sep-1934 TBD ADD
Sylvia Syms Actor The Tamarind Seed 06-Jan-1934 TBD ADD
Russ Tamblyn Actor Seven Brides for Seven Brothers 30-Dec-1934 TBD ADD
A. Wallace Tashima Judge 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, 1996-2004 24-Jun-1934 TBD ADD
Rip Taylor Comic Walking confetti fountain 13-Jan-1934 TBD ADD
Zola Taylor Singer The Platters 17-Mar-1934 30-Apr-2007 DEAD
Howard M. Temin Scientist Tumor viruses and host genetics 10-Dec-1934 09-Feb-1994 DEAD
James Tenney Composer A History of 'Consonance' and 'Dissonance' 10-Aug-1934 24-Aug-2006 DEAD
Franklin A. Thomas Attorney President of the Ford Foundation, 1979-96 27-May-1934 TBD ADD
Bill Torrey Hockey General Manager, NY Islanders, 1972-92 23-Jun-1934 TBD ADD
Robert Towne Screenwriter Personal Best 23-Nov-1934 TBD ADD
Edolphus Towns Politician Congressman, New York 10th 21-Jul-1934 TBD ADD
John V. Tunney Politician US Senator from California, 1971-77 26-Jun-1934 TBD ADD
Jack Twyman Basketball Cincinnati Royals forward, NBA Hall-of-Famer 11-May-1934 30-May-2012 DEAD
Bobby Unser Auto Racing Indy car racer, 1963-81 20-Feb-1934 TBD ADD
Ismael Valenzuela Jockey Winner, 1958 and 1968 Kentucky Derby 25-Dec-1934 02-Sep-2009 DEAD
Frankie Valli Singer And The Four Seasons 03-May-1934 TBD ADD
Joyce Van Patten Actor I Love You, Alice B. Toklas! 09-Mar-1934 TBD ADD
James G. Vetter, Jr. Attorney Of Counsel, Godwin Pappas Ronquillo 08-Apr-1934 TBD ADD
Carl E. Vuono Military US Army Chief of Staff, 1987-91 18-Oct-1934 TBD ADD
Neil Clark Warren Business Founder, eHarmony 18-Sep-1934 TBD ADD
Larry D. Welch Military USAF Chief of Staff, 1986-90 09-Jun-1934 TBD ADD
Timothy West Actor Edward the King 20-Oct-1934 TBD ADD
Jacques L. Wiener, Jr. Judge 5th Circuit Court of Appeals 02-Oct-1934 TBD ADD
Richard E. Wiley Attorney FCC Chairman, 1974-77 20-Jul-1934 TBD ADD
Van Williams Actor The Green Hornet 27-Feb-1934 28-Nov-2016 DEAD
Garry Wills Historian Lincoln at Gettysburg 22-May-1934 TBD ADD
Jackie Wilson Singer Lonely Teardrops 09-Jun-1934 21-Jan-1984 DEAD
Niklaus Wirth Computer Programmer Inventor of Pascal, Modula-2 15-Feb-1934 TBD ADD
Christian Wolff Composer Burdocks 08-Mar-1934 TBD ADD
Roger L. Wollman Judge 8th Circuit Court of Appeals 29-May-1934 TBD ADD
Manfred Wörner Diplomat NATO Secretary General, 1988-94 24-Sep-1934 13-Aug-1994 DEAD
Gridley Wright Religion Shiva Lila cult founder 19-Jan-1934 22-Dec-1979 DEAD
Richard D. Zanuck Film/TV Producer Driving Miss Daisy 13-Dec-1934 13-Jul-2012 DEAD
Claude Zidi Film Director The Wing and the Thigh 25-Jul-1934 TBD ADD
Warren Zimmermann Diplomat US Ambassador to Yugoslavia, 1989-92 16-Nov-1934 02-Feb-2004 DEAD
David E. Zweifel Diplomat US Ambassador to Yemen, 1981-84 13-Sep-1934 TBD ADD