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Tommy Aaron Golf Winner, 1973 Masters Tournament 22-Feb-1937 TBD ADD
Hasil Adkins Musician Rockabilly one man band 29-Apr-1937 26-Apr-2005 DEAD
Martti Ahtisaari Head of State President of Finland, 1994-2000 23-Jun-1937 TBD ADD
Madeleine Albright Diplomat Bill Clinton's Secretary of State 15-May-1937 TBD ADD
Bobby Allison Auto Racing Three-time winner of the Daytona 500 03-Dec-1937 TBD ADD
Rudolfo Anaya Author Bless Me, Ultima 30-Oct-1937 TBD ADD
Bill Anderson Country Musician Po' Folks 01-Nov-1937 TBD ADD
David Anderson Diplomat US Ambassador to Yugoslavia, 1981-85 03-Jan-1937 04-Jul-1997 DEAD
Harry Lee Anstead Judge Justice, Florida Supreme Court 04-Nov-1937 TBD ADD
Sergio Aragones Cartoonist Mad Magazine marginalia 06-Sep-1937 TBD ADD
Alí Rodríguez Araque Government Secretary General of OPEC, 2001-02 09-Sep-1937 TBD ADD
George Argyros Business Billionaire 04-Feb-1937 TBD ADD
Michael Armacost Diplomat US Ambassador to Japan, 1989-93 15-Apr-1937 TBD ADD
William L. Armstrong Politician US Senator from Colorado, 1979-91 16-Mar-1937 05-Jul-2016 DEAD
Martina Arroyo Singer Operatic soprano 02-Feb-1937 TBD ADD
Edward Artemiev Composer Electroacoustic composer, scored Solaris 30-Nov-1937 TBD ADD
Vladimir Ashkenazy Conductor Director, NHK Symphony Orchestra 06-Jul-1937 TBD ADD
Sergei Averintsev Author Myth of the Peoples of the World 10-Dec-1937 21-Feb-2004 DEAD
Barbara Babcock Actor Dorothy Jennings on Dr. Quinn 27-Feb-1937 TBD ADD
Angelo Badalamenti Composer Scored several David Lynch films 22-Mar-1937 TBD ADD
Max Baer, Jr. Actor Jethro on The Beverly Hillbillies 04-Dec-1937 TBD ADD
Paul Bailey Novelist At The Jerusalem 16-Feb-1937 TBD ADD
Ina Balin Actor The Patsy 12-Nov-1937 20-Jun-1990 DEAD
Carroll Ballard Film Director The Black Stallion 14-Oct-1937 TBD ADD
Gordon Banks Soccer English goalkeeper, 1966 World Cup 30-Dec-1937 TBD ADD
Tommy Barnett Religion Phoenix First Assembly of God 04-Oct-1937 TBD ADD
Maryanne Trump Barry Judge 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals 05-Apr-1937 TBD ADD
Robert L. Bartley Editor Editor of the Wall Street Journal, 1979-2003 12-Oct-1937 10-Dec-2003 DEAD
Shirley Bassey Singer Goldfinger 08-Jan-1937 TBD ADD
Lucy Baxley Politician Lt. Governor of Alabama, 2003-07 21-Dec-1937 14-Oct-2016 DEAD
Ned Beatty Actor Deliverance 06-Jul-1937 TBD ADD
Warren Beatty Actor Dick Tracy 30-Mar-1937 TBD ADD
Hildegard Behrens Singer Operatic soprano 09-Feb-1937 18-Aug-2009 DEAD
Robert M. Berdahl Educator Chancellor of UC Berkeley, 1997-2004 15-Mar-1937 TBD ADD
Steven Berkoff Actor London Theatre Group 03-Aug-1937 TBD ADD
Warren Berlinger Actor American character actor 31-Aug-1937 TBD ADD
Judy Biggert Politician Congresswoman, Illinois 13th 15-Aug-1937 TBD ADD
Noel Black Film Director Pretty Poison 30-Jun-1937 05-Jul-2014 DEAD
Brian Blessed Actor Prince Vultan of the Hawk Men 09-Oct-1937 TBD ADD
Don Bluth Cartoonist Ex-Disney, created Fievel, Dragon's Lair 13-Sep-1937 TBD ADD
Ivan Boesky Business Investment banker did insider trades 06-Mar-1937 TBD ADD
Graham Bond Musician Influential blues keyboardist 28-Oct-1937 08-May-1974 DEAD
Don Bonker Politician Congressman from Washington, 1975-89 07-Mar-1937 TBD ADD
Sheldon M. Bonovitz Attorney Partner, Duane, Morris & Hecksher 26-Apr-1937 TBD ADD
David M. Borden Judge Justice, CT Supreme Court, 1990-2007 04-Aug-1937 TBD ADD
Abdelaziz Bouteflika Head of State President of Algeria 02-Mar-1937 TBD ADD
Reginald K. Brack Business CEO of Time Inc., 1986-94 26-Aug-1937 04-Oct-2016 DEAD
Brendan Bradshaw Historian And So Began the Irish Nation 28-May-1937 TBD ADD
Herb Brooks Hockey Coach, 1980 US Olympic Hockey Team 05-Aug-1937 11-Aug-2003 DEAD
Robert H. Brooks Business Hooters chairman 06-Feb-1937 16-Jul-2006 DEAD
Claude Brown Author Manchild in the Promised Land 23-Feb-1937 02-Feb-2002 DEAD
Lee P. Brown Politician Mayor of Houston, 1998-2004 04-Oct-1937 TBD ADD
Richard Bryan Politician Governor of Nevada, 1983-89 16-Jul-1937 TBD ADD
Don Buchla Inventor Modular synthesizer designer 17-Apr-1937 14-Sep-2016 DEAD
Joyce Bulifant Actor Match Game panelist 16-Dec-1937 TBD ADD
Grace Bumbry Singer Operatic mezzo-soprano, then soprano 04-Jan-1937 TBD ADD
Roland W. Burris Politician US Senator from Illinois, 2009-10 08-Aug-1937 TBD ADD
Dan Burros Activist Antisemitic Jew outed by NY Times 05-Mar-1937 31-Oct-1965 DEAD
Tony Burton Actor Rocky 23-Mar-1937 25-Feb-2016 DEAD
August Busch III Business Anheuser-Busch CEO, 1975-2002 06-Jun-1937 TBD ADD
Kermit E. Bye Judge 8th Circuit Court of Appeals 13-Jan-1937 TBD ADD
Billy Cannon Football Winner, 1959 Heisman Trophy 08-Feb-1937 TBD ADD
Dyan Cannon Actor Heaven Can Wait 04-Jan-1937 TBD ADD
Mario Capecchi Scientist Knock-out mice 06-Oct-1937 TBD ADD
George Carlin Comic Seven Dirty Words 12-May-1937 22-Jun-2008 DEAD
Billy Carter Relative Brother of Jimmy Carter 29-Mar-1937 25-Sep-1988 DEAD
Hurricane Carter Boxing Boxer twice convicted of triple-murder 06-May-1937 20-Apr-2014 DEAD
Gerhard Casper Educator President of Stanford University, 1992-2000 25-Dec-1937 TBD ADD
Robert B. Catell Business CEO of KeySpan, 1998-2007 01-Feb-1937 TBD ADD
Dale R. Cathell Judge Judge, Maryland Court of Appeals, 1998-2007 30-Jul-1937 TBD ADD
Richard Celeste Politician Governor of Ohio, 1983-91 11-Nov-1937 TBD ADD
Orlando Cepeda Baseball MLB first baseman 17-Sep-1937 TBD ADD
Gene Chandler Singer Duke of Earl 06-Jul-1937 TBD ADD
Bobby Charlton Soccer Manchester United 11-Oct-1937 TBD ADD
Jerome Charyn Novelist The Good Policeman 13-May-1937 TBD ADD
Monte Clark Football Detroit Lions Head Coach, 1978-84 24-Jan-1937 16-Sep-2009 DEAD
David L. Clarke Archaeologist Analytical Archaeology 03-Nov-1937 27-Jun-1976 DEAD
Ann Clwyd Politician Welsh pol, spread Saddam shredder story 21-Mar-1937 TBD ADD
Adam Clymer Journalist The New York Times 27-Apr-1937 TBD ADD
Sue M. Cobb Attorney Florida Secretary of State, 2005-07 18-Aug-1937 TBD ADD
Johnnie Cochran Attorney Successfully defended O. J. Simpson 02-Oct-1937 29-Mar-2005 DEAD
Thad Cochran Politician US Senator from Mississippi 07-Dec-1937 TBD ADD
Jackie Collins Novelist Hollywood Wives 04-Oct-1937 19-Sep-2015 DEAD
Alice Coltrane Jazz Musician Musician and widow of John Coltrane 27-Aug-1937 12-Jan-2007 DEAD
John Conway Mathematician Game of Life 26-Dec-1937 TBD ADD
Charles Coody Golf Winner, 1971 Masters Tournament 13-Jul-1937 TBD ADD
Peter Cook Comic Bedazzled 19-Nov-1937 09-Jan-1995 DEAD
John Cooper Football OSU Head Coach, 1988-2000 02-Jul-1937 TBD ADD
Bill Cosby Comic Comedy fixture, accused rapist 12-Jul-1937 TBD ADD
Tom Courtenay Actor The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner 25-Feb-1937 TBD ADD
Yvonne Craig Actor Batgirl on Batman 16-May-1937 17-Aug-2015 DEAD
Robert Crippen Astronaut Pilot of first shuttle mission, STS-1 11-Sep-1937 TBD ADD
D. P. Crook Historian Darwinism, War, and History 12-Jan-1937 TBD ADD
Denny Crum Basketball Louisville Head Coach, 1971-2001 02-Mar-1937 TBD ADD
James W. Crystal Business Frank Crystal & Company 09-Oct-1937 TBD ADD
Norman D'Amours Politician Congressman from New Hampshire, 1975-85 14-Oct-1937 TBD ADD
Dick Dale Guitarist Surf music guitarist, Deltones 04-May-1937 TBD ADD
Al D'Amato Politician US Senator from New York, 1981-99 01-Aug-1937 TBD ADD
Stuart Damon Actor Alan Quartermaine on General Hospital 05-Feb-1937 TBD ADD
Carol G. Dawson Government Conservative activist 08-Sep-1937 TBD ADD
Howard M. Dean Business CEO of Dean Foods, 1987-2001 27-Jun-1937 25-Mar-2012 DEAD
Dennis DeConcini Politician US Senator from Arizona, 1977-95 08-May-1937 TBD ADD
Sandy Dennis Actor Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? 27-Apr-1937 02-Mar-1992 DEAD
Delia Derbyshire Electronic Musician Constructed the Doctor Who theme 05-May-1937 03-Jul-2001 DEAD
Anita Desai Novelist Cry, the Peacock 24-Jun-1937 TBD ADD
William Devane Actor Greg Sumner on Knots Landing 05-Sep-1937 TBD ADD
Jared Diamond Scientist Guns, Germs and Steel 10-Sep-1937 TBD ADD
Dirk Dirksen Business Godfather of San Francisco punk 25-Aug-1937 20-Nov-2006 DEAD
Carol Doda Performance Artist Stripper at San Francisco's Condor Club 29-Aug-1937 09-Nov-2015 DEAD
Elinor Donahue Actor Father Knows Best 19-Apr-1937 TBD ADD
Boyd Dowler Football Former Green Bay Packers WR 18-Nov-1937 TBD ADD
Bobby Driscoll Actor Child actor, succumbed to drugs 03-Mar-1937 30-Mar-1968 DEAD
Marie Dubois Actor La Menace 12-Jan-1937 TBD ADD
Peter Duchin Pianist Rebel Rouser 28-Jul-1937 TBD ADD
Michael J. Dugan Military USAF Chief of Staff, 1990 22-Feb-1937 TBD ADD
Timothy B. Dyk Judge US Court of Appeals, Federal Circuit 14-Feb-1937 TBD ADD
Shirley Eaton Actor Goldfinger 12-Jan-1937 TBD ADD
Mickey Edwards Politician Congressman from Oklahoma, 1977-93 12-Jul-1937 TBD ADD
Charles D. Ellis Business Founder, Greenwich Associates 22-Oct-1937 TBD ADD
Wayne Embry Basketball NBA General Manager 26-Mar-1937 TBD ADD
Gordon R. England Government US Deputy Secretary of Defense 15-Sep-1937 TBD ADD
Joseph Ejercito Estrada Head of State Deposed president of the Philippines 19-Apr-1937 TBD ADD
Terry Everett Politician Congressman, Alabama 2nd 15-Feb-1937 TBD ADD
Don Everly Musician The Everly Brothers 01-Feb-1937 TBD ADD
Gnassingbe Eyadema Head of State Dictator of Togo, 1967-2005 26-Dec-1937 05-Feb-2005 DEAD
Freddy Fender Musician Before the Next Teardrop Falls 04-Jun-1937 14-Oct-2006 DEAD
Ferdinand F. Fernandez Judge 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, 1989-2002 29-May-1937 TBD ADD
Ronnie G. Flippo Politician Congressman from Alabama, 1976-91 15-Aug-1937 TBD ADD
Tom Flores Football Raiders QB, later Head Coach 21-Mar-1937 TBD ADD
James Florio Politician Governor of New Jersey, 1990-94 29-Aug-1937 TBD ADD
Jane Fonda Actor Barbarella 21-Dec-1937 TBD ADD
Edward Fox Actor Force 10 from Navarone 13-Apr-1937 TBD ADD
Dawn Fraser Swimmer Olympic gold medal swimmer 04-Sep-1937 TBD ADD
Morgan Freeman Actor Unforgiven 01-Jun-1937 TBD ADD
Stephen Friedman Business Former Partner, Goldman Sachs 21-Dec-1937 TBD ADD
Robert C. Gallo Doctor Identified first retroviruses in humans 23-Mar-1937 TBD ADD
Don Galloway Actor Det. Sgt. Ed Brown on Ironside 27-Jul-1937 08-Jan-2009 DEAD
Lorraine Gary Actor Jaws 16-Aug-1937 TBD ADD
William Gaunt Actor Richard Barrett on The Champions 03-Apr-1937 TBD ADD
Al Geiberger Golf Winner, 1966 PGA Championship 01-Sep-1937 TBD ADD
Leslie H. Gelb Government President, Council on Foreign Relations, 1993-2003 04-Mar-1937 TBD ADD
Francis Cardinal George Religion Catholic Archbishop of Chicago, 1997-2014 16-Jan-1937 17-Apr-2015 DEAD
Andrés Gimeno Tennis Winner, 1972 French Open 03-Aug-1937 TBD ADD
Philip Glass Composer Einstein on the Beach 31-Jan-1937 TBD ADD
Gail Godwin Novelist A Southern Family 18-Jun-1937 TBD ADD
Luella G. Goldberg Business Chairman of Wellesley College, 1985-93 26-Feb-1937 TBD ADD
Robert Gore Chemist Co-inventor of Gore-Tex 15-Apr-1937 TBD ADD
Joseph T. Gorman Business CEO of TRW, 1988-2001 01-Oct-1937 TBD ADD
James J. Grosfeld Business CEO of Pulte Homes, 1974-90 22-Jun-1937 TBD ADD
Bill Guthridge Basketball UNC Head Coach, 1997-2000 27-Jul-1937 12-May-2015 DEAD
Charlie Haden Jazz Musician Jazz bassist 06-Aug-1937 11-Jul-2014 DEAD
Merle Haggard Country Musician Okie From Muskogee 06-Apr-1937 06-Apr-2016 DEAD
Susan Hampshire Actor The Forsyte Saga 12-May-1937 TBD ADD
King Harald V Royalty King of Norway 21-Feb-1937 TBD ADD
Del Harris Basketball Head Coach, LA Lakers, 1994-99 18-Jun-1937 TBD ADD
Jim Harrison Novelist Legends of the Fall 11-Dec-1937 26-Mar-2016 DEAD
Ryutaro Hashimoto Head of State Prime Minister of Japan, 1996-98 29-Jul-1937 01-Jul-2006 DEAD
Abner Haynes Football Football RB hall-of-famer 19-Sep-1937 TBD ADD
Brooke Hayward Socialite Haywire 05-Jul-1937 TBD ADD
Bessie Head Novelist A Question of Power 06-Jul-1937 17-Apr-1986 DEAD
Seymour Hersh Journalist Uncovered the My Lai Massacre 08-Apr-1937 TBD ADD
Avram Hershko Scientist Ubiquitin-mediated protein degradation 31-Dec-1937 TBD ADD
David Hockney Painter Paintings of LA swimming pools 09-Jul-1937 TBD ADD
Dustin Hoffman Actor The Graduate 08-Aug-1937 TBD ADD
Roald Hoffmann Chemist Woodward-Hoffmann reaction 18-Jul-1937 TBD ADD
Polly Holliday Actor Somebody, kiss her grits already 02-Jul-1937 TBD ADD
Lou Holtz Football Head Coach, South Carolina, 1999-2004 06-Jan-1937 TBD ADD
Robert Hooks Actor Trouble Man 18-Apr-1937 TBD ADD
Anthony Hopkins Actor Hannibal Lecter 31-Dec-1937 TBD ADD
Daniel Walker Howe Historian What Hath God Wrought 10-Jan-1937 TBD ADD
Carroll Hubbard, Jr. Politician Congressman from Kentucky, 1975-93 07-Jul-1937 TBD ADD
Robert Huber Chemist Proteins of photosynthesis 20-Feb-1937 TBD ADD
Garth Hudson Musician The Band 02-Aug-1937 TBD ADD
H. Wayne Huizenga Business Waste Management, Blockbuster 29-Dec-1937 TBD ADD
John Hume Politician Northern Ireland pol, Nobel recipient 18-Jan-1937 TBD ADD
James B. Hunt Politician Twice Governor of North Carolina 16-May-1937 TBD ADD
Jon M. Huntsman Business Founder of Huntsman Corporation 21-Jun-1937 TBD ADD
Saddam Hussein Head of State President of Iraq, 1979-2003 28-Apr-1937 30-Dec-2006 DEAD
James H. Hutson Historian Manuscript Division, Library of Congress 08-Aug-1937 TBD ADD
Thomas Penfield Jackson Judge Federal district court judge 10-Jan-1937 15-Jun-2013 DEAD
Wanda Jackson Singer United States' first female rock and roll singer 20-Oct-1937 TBD ADD
Eli S. Jacobs Baseball Former Baltimore Orioles owner 05-Oct-1937 TBD ADD
Joseph Jarman Musician Art Ensemble of Chicago multi-intrumentalist 14-Sep-1937 TBD ADD
Neeme Järvi Conductor Principal Conductor, Residentie Orchestra 07-Jun-1937 TBD ADD
Leonard Jeffries Scholar Controversial blackademic 19-Jan-1937 TBD ADD
Jackie "Butch" Jenkins Actor MGM child star 29-Aug-1937 14-Aug-2001 DEAD
Waylon Jennings Country Musician Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Cowboys 15-Jun-1937 13-Feb-2002 DEAD
Little Willie John Singer Fever 15-Oct-1937 26-May-1968 DEAD
E. Grady Jolly Judge 5th Circuit Court of Appeals 03-Oct-1937 TBD ADD
Fred Joseph Business CEO of Drexel Burnham Lambert, 1985-90 22-Apr-1937 27-Nov-2009 DEAD
Lionel Jospin Head of State Prime Minister of France, 1997-2002 12-Jul-1937 TBD ADD
Leo P. Kadanoff Physicist Second-order phase transitions 14-Jan-1937 26-Oct-2015 DEAD
Paul Kangas Journalist Nightly Business Report 14-Apr-1937 28-Feb-2017 DEAD
Paul Kanjorski Politician Congressman from Pennsylvania, 1985-2011 02-Apr-1937 TBD ADD
Yvonne Kauger Judge Justice, Oklahoma Supreme Court 03-Aug-1937 TBD ADD
Yuzo Kayama Actor Red Beard 11-Apr-1937 TBD ADD
Rodd Keith Musician Legendary Song-Poem Composer 30-Jan-1937 15-Dec-1974 DEAD
Sally Kellerman Actor Hot Lips in M*A*S*H 02-Jun-1937 TBD ADD
Ernest Konnyu Politician Congressman from California, 1987-89 17-May-1937 TBD ADD
Masaru Konuma Film Director Wife to Be Sacrificed 30-Dec-1937 TBD ADD
Arthur Kopit Playwright Mama's Hung You in the Closet 10-May-1937 TBD ADD
Yaphet Kotto Actor Homicide 15-Nov-1937 TBD ADD
Egon Krenz Head of State East German leader, 1989 19-Mar-1937 TBD ADD
Marty Krofft Film/TV Producer Co-Creator: H.R. Pufnstuf, Land of the Lost 09-Apr-1937 TBD ADD
Benjamin J. Lambert III Politician Virginia State Senate 29-Jan-1937 TBD ADD
Zohra Lampert Actor Let's Scare Jessica to Death 13-May-1937 TBD ADD
Jackie Lane Actor Tickle Me 16-May-1937 TBD ADD
Linda Lavin Actor Alice 15-Oct-1937 TBD ADD
John Phillip Law Actor The Russians Are Coming 07-Sep-1937 13-May-2008 DEAD
Francis L. Lawrence Educator President of Rutgers University, 1990-2002 25-Aug-1937 16-Apr-2013 DEAD
Ron Leibman Actor Kaz 11-Oct-1937 TBD ADD
Claude Lelouch Film Director A Man and a Woman 30-Oct-1937 TBD ADD
Ann Lewis Activist Clinton advisor 19-Dec-1937 TBD ADD
Bill Lipinski Politician Congressman from Illinois, 1983-2005 22-Dec-1937 TBD ADD
Virna Lisi Actor La Reine Margot 08-Sep-1937 18-Dec-2014 DEAD
Jerry Litton Politician Congressman from Missouri, 1973-76 12-May-1937 03-Aug-1976 DEAD
Gary Lockwood Actor Dr. Frank Poole, 2001: A Space Odyssey 21-Feb-1937 TBD ADD
Trini Lopez Musician If I Had A Hammer 15-May-1937 TBD ADD
Winston Lord Diplomat President, Council on Foreign Relations, 1977-85 17-Aug-1937 TBD ADD
Nita Lowey Politician Congresswoman, New York 18th 05-Jul-1937 TBD ADD
Lois Lowry Author The Giver 19-Feb-1937 TBD ADD
Robert Lucas Economist Theory of rational expectations 15-Sep-1937 TBD ADD
Gerald W. Lynch Educator President of John Jay College, 1977-2004 24-Mar-1937 17-Apr-2013 DEAD
James MacArthur Actor Dano from Hawaii 5-O 08-Dec-1937 28-Oct-2010 DEAD
John MacGregor Politician Leader, House of Commons, 1990-92 14-Feb-1937 TBD ADD
John W. Madigan Business CEO of Tribune Co., 1995-2002 07-Jun-1937 TBD ADD
Tom Magliozzi Radio Personality "Don't drive like my brother" 28-Jun-1937 03-Nov-2014 DEAD
Henry J. Mansell Religion Catholic Archbishop of Hartford, 2003-13 10-Oct-1937 TBD ADD
David Margulies Actor Ghostbusters 19-Feb-1937 11-Jan-2016 DEAD
Juan Marichal Baseball Nine-time All-Star SF Giants pitcher 20-Oct-1937 TBD ADD
Jim Marshall Football Minnesota Vikings 30-Dec-1937 TBD ADD
Anna Massey Actor Peeping Tom 11-Aug-1937 03-Jul-2011 DEAD
Peter Max Artist Psychedelic art has featured Statues of Liberty 19-Oct-1937 TBD ADD
Colleen McCullough Novelist The Thorn Birds 01-Jun-1937 29-Jan-2015 DEAD
Daniel L. McFadden Economist Statistical analysis of individual and household behavior 29-Jul-1937 TBD ADD
Bud McFarlane Government Iran-Contra figure 12-Jul-1937 TBD ADD
Bernard McGinn Theologian The Presence of God 19-Aug-1937 TBD ADD
Peter Medak Film Director Romeo Is Bleeding 23-Dec-1937 TBD ADD
Edward Mezvinsky Politician Congressman from Iowa, 1973-77 17-Jan-1937 TBD ADD
Richard M. Miles Diplomat Former US Ambassador to Georgia, Bulgaria 08-Jan-1937 TBD ADD
Alan B. Miller Business Founder of Universal Health Services 17-Aug-1937 TBD ADD
Thomas Monaghan Business Domino's Pizza founder, pro-life activist 25-Mar-1937 TBD ADD
Rudy Ray Moore Actor Dolemite 17-Mar-1937 19-Oct-2008 DEAD
Stephen Moore Actor Voice of Marvin the paranoid android 11-Dec-1937 TBD ADD
Yoshiro Mori Head of State Prime Minister of Japan, 2000-01 14-Jul-1937 TBD ADD
Garrett Morris Comic Saturday Night Live 25-Jan-1937 TBD ADD
Joe Morrison Football NY Giant, Gamecocks Coach 21-Aug-1937 05-Feb-1989 DEAD
David C. Mulford Business US Ambassador to India, 2004-09 27-Jun-1937 TBD ADD
Thomas Nagel Philosopher What is it like to be a bat? 04-Jul-1937 TBD ADD
Nat Nakasa Journalist Anti-Apartheid journalist, exiled 12-May-1937 14-Jul-1965 DEAD
Ted Nelson Computer Programmer Hypertext pioneer, Xanadu 17-Jun-1937 TBD ADD
Art Neville Musician One of the Neville Brothers 17-Dec-1937 TBD ADD
Tony Newton Politician Leader, House of Commons, 1992-97 29-Aug-1937 TBD ADD
Jack Nicholson Actor Chinatown 22-Apr-1937 TBD ADD
Abu Nidal Terrorist Palestinian terrorist ? 16-Aug-2002 DEAD
David A. Norcross Activist Republican National Lawyers Association 30-Mar-1937 TBD ADD
Eleanor Holmes Norton Politician Congresswoman, Washington DC 13-Jun-1937 TBD ADD
Bernard W. Nussbaum Attorney White House Counsel for Bill Clinton 23-Mar-1937 TBD ADD
Joseph S. Nye Government Chairman, National Intelligence Council, 1993-94 19-Jan-1937 TBD ADD
Margaret O'Brien Actor Meet Me in St. Louis 15-Jan-1937 TBD ADD
James J. O'Connor Business CEO of Commonwealth Edison, 1980-98 15-Mar-1937 TBD ADD
Hazel O'Leary Government US Secretary of Energy 1993-97 17-May-1937 TBD ADD
Ron O'Neal Actor Youngblood Priest in Superfly 01-Sep-1937 14-Jan-2004 DEAD
Diarmuid F. O'Scannlain Judge 9th Circuit Court of Appeals 28-Mar-1937 TBD ADD
Olusegun Obasanjo Head of State President of Nigeria, 1999-2007 05-Mar-1937 TBD ADD
Keizo Obuchi Head of State Prime Minister of Japan, 1998-2000 25-Jun-1937 14-May-2000 DEAD
Solomon Ortiz Politician Congressman from Texas, 1983-2011 03-Jun-1937 TBD ADD
Burl Osborne Publisher Dallas Morning News 25-Jun-1937 15-Aug-2012 DEAD
Tom Osborne Football Congressman from Nebraska, 2001-07 23-Feb-1937 TBD ADD
Wayne Owens Politician Congressman from Utah, 1987-93 02-May-1937 18-Dec-2002 DEAD
Kerry Packer Business Richest man in Australia 17-Dec-1937 26-Dec-2005 DEAD
David Palmer Musician Transsexual keyboardist, Jethro Tull 02-Jul-1937 TBD ADD
Luciana Paluzzi Actor Thunderball 10-Jun-1937 TBD ADD
Lara Parker Actor Angelique on Dark Shadows 27-Oct-1937 TBD ADD
Bill Pascrell Politician Congressman, New Jersey 8th 25-Jan-1937 TBD ADD
Paul Patton Politician Governor of Kentucky, 1995-2003 26-May-1937 TBD ADD
Tom Paxton Singer/Songwriter Rambling Boy 31-Oct-1937 TBD ADD
Roger Penske Business CEO of Penske Corporation 20-Feb-1937 TBD ADD
Richard Petty Auto Racing Seven-time NASCAR Champion 02-Jul-1937 TBD ADD
Renzo Piano Architect Designed the Pompidou Center rehab 14-Sep-1937 TBD ADD
Ingrid Pitt Actor Countess Dracula 21-Nov-1937 23-Nov-2010 DEAD
Suzanne Pleshette Actor The Birds 31-Jan-1937 19-Jan-2008 DEAD
Bill Poole Economist President, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis 19-Jun-1937 TBD ADD
Boone Powell, Jr. Business CEO of Baylor Health Care, 1980-2001 09-Feb-1937 TBD ADD
Colin Powell Government US Secretary of State, 2001-05 05-Apr-1937 TBD ADD
Dorothy Provine Actor The Roaring 20's 20-Jan-1937 25-Apr-2010 DEAD
Thomas Pynchon Novelist Gravity's Rainbow 08-May-1937 TBD ADD
Ernest S. Rady Business CEO of WestCorp, 1978-2006 28-Aug-1937 TBD ADD
Raj Reddy Educator Professor of Computer Science, CMU 13-Jun-1937 TBD ADD
Vanessa Redgrave Actor Julia 30-Jan-1937 TBD ADD
Jerry Reed Country Musician When You're Hot, You're Hot 20-Mar-1937 01-Sep-2008 DEAD
Joseph Verner Reed Government US Ambassador to Morocco, 1981-85 17-Dec-1937 29-Sep-2016 DEAD
Uwe E. Reinhardt Educator Health economist 24-Sep-1937 TBD ADD
Robin W. Renwick Diplomat UK Ambassador to the US, 1991-95 13-Dec-1937 TBD ADD
Robert K. Ressler Author Whoever Fights Monsters 15-Feb-1937 TBD ADD
W. Ann Reynolds Educator Chancellor of CUNY, 1990-97 03-Nov-1937 TBD ADD
Richard Rhodes Historian The Making of the Atomic Bomb 04-Jul-1937 TBD ADD
Robert C. Richardson Physicist Superfluidity of helium-3 26-Jun-1937 19-Feb-2013 DEAD
Brooks Robinson Baseball Baltimore Orioles third base 18-May-1937 TBD ADD
Jay Rockefeller Politician US Senator from West Virginia 18-Jun-1937 TBD ADD
Hal Rogers Politician Congressman, Kentucky 5th 31-Dec-1937 TBD ADD
Wilbur Ross Business Private equity, W. L. Ross & Co. 28-Nov-1937 TBD ADD
Carol Eve Rossen Actor The Stepford Wives 12-Aug-1937 TBD ADD
Ann Rule Author Prolific true crime paperback writer 22-Oct-1937 26-Jul-2015 DEAD
Edward Ruscha Painter Twenty-six Gasoline Stations 16-Dec-1937 TBD ADD
Joanna Russ Author The Female Man 22-Feb-1937 29-Apr-2011 DEAD
Conrad Russell Historian Fall of the British monarchies, 1637-1642 15-Apr-1937 14-Oct-2004 DEAD
Patrick G. Ryan Business CEO of Aon, 1982-2005 15-May-1937 TBD ADD
Erskine Sandiford Head of State Prime Minister of Barbados, 1987-94 24-Mar-1937 TBD ADD
Tommy Sands Singer Teenage Crush 27-Aug-1937 TBD ADD
Severo Sarduy Author De donde son los Cantantes 25-Feb-1937 08-Jun-1993 DEAD
William F. Sater Historian Chile and the War of the Pacific 17-Nov-1937 TBD ADD
Sky Saxon Singer The Seeds 20-Aug-1937 25-Jun-2009 DEAD
Bob Schieffer Journalist Former moderator, Face the Nation 25-Feb-1937 TBD ADD
Charles Schwab Business Founded Charles Schwab & Co. 29-Jul-1937 TBD ADD
Joe Schwarz Politician Congressman from Michigan, 2005-07 15-Nov-1937 TBD ADD
Ridley Scott Film Director Alien 30-Nov-1937 TBD ADD
Peter Secchia Diplomat US Ambassador to Italy, 1989-93 15-Apr-1937 TBD ADD
Erich Segal Novelist Love Story 16-Jun-1937 17-Jan-2010 DEAD
John Seymour Politician Mayor of Anaheim, 1978-82 03-Dec-1937 TBD ADD
Archie Shepp Jazz Musician Jazz tenor saxophonist 24-May-1937 TBD ADD
Mark Shields Columnist Shields and Brooks 25-May-1937 TBD ADD
David Shire Composer It Goes Like It Goes 03-Jul-1937 TBD ADD
Ricky Silberman Activist Cofounder, Independent Women's Forum 31-Mar-1937 18-Feb-2007 DEAD
Felix Silla Actor Cousin Itt on The Addams Family 11-Jan-1937 TBD ADD
Fred Silverman Film/TV Producer TV producer and executive 13-Sep-1937 TBD ADD
Tommy Smothers Comic A Smothers Brother 02-Feb-1937 TBD ADD
Boris Spassky Chess Player Grandmaster defeated by Bobby Fischer 30-Jan-1937 TBD ADD
Allan H. Spear Politician President, Minnesota Senate, 1993-2001 24-Jun-1937 11-Oct-2008 DEAD
Barbara Steele Actor Black Sunday 29-Dec-1937 TBD ADD
Robert Stone Novelist Dog Soldiers 21-Aug-1937 10-Jan-2015 DEAD
Paul Stookey Singer/Songwriter The Paul in Peter, Paul, and Mary 30-Dec-1937 TBD ADD
Tom Stoppard Playwright Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead 03-Jul-1937 TBD ADD
George Strawbridge, Jr. Business Campbell Soup scion 10-Oct-1937 TBD ADD
Gerry Studds Politician Congressman from Massachusetts, 1973-97 12-May-1937 14-Oct-2006 DEAD
Gordon R. Sullivan Military US Army Chief of Staff, 1991-95 25-Sep-1937 TBD ADD
Niki Sullivan Guitarist Guitarist for The Crickets 23-Jun-1937 06-Apr-2004 DEAD
Louis B. Susman Diplomat US Ambassador to the UK 19-Nov-1937 TBD ADD
Orson Swindle Government Federal Trade Commissioner, 1997-2005 08-Mar-1937 TBD ADD
Loretta Swit Actor Hot Lips on M*A*S*H 04-Nov-1937 TBD ADD
Barry Switzer Football Dallas Cowboys Head Coach, 1994-97 05-Oct-1937 TBD ADD
George Takei Actor Lt. Sulu on Star Trek 20-Apr-1937 TBD ADD
Ratan N. Tata Business Chairman of Tata Group 28-Dec-1937 TBD ADD
Thomas C. Theobald Business CEO of Continental Bank, 1987-94 05-May-1937 TBD ADD
Samuel O. Thier Doctor CEO of Massachusetts General, 1996-2002 23-Jun-1937 TBD ADD
Marlo Thomas Actor That Girl 21-Nov-1937 TBD ADD
Hunter S. Thompson Journalist Gonzo journalist and author 18-Jul-1937 20-Feb-2005 DEAD
Richard Threlkeld Journalist CBS and ABC News Correspondent, 1965-98 30-Nov-1937 13-Jan-2012 DEAD
John Kennedy Toole Novelist A Confederacy of Dunces 07-Dec-1937 26-Mar-1969 DEAD
Liz Trotta Journalist Fox News contributor 28-Mar-1937 TBD ADD
Richard H. Truly Astronaut NASA Administrator, 1989-92 12-Nov-1937 TBD ADD
Amos Tversky Psychologist Cognitive psychologist, studied risks 16-Mar-1937 02-Jun-1996 DEAD
Peter Ueberroth Baseball Commissioner of Baseball, 1984-89 02-Sep-1937 TBD ADD
Jim Unger Cartoonist Herman 21-Jan-1937 29-May-2012 DEAD
Francis Veber Screenwriter The Dinner Game 28-Jul-1937 TBD ADD
Vaira Vike-Freiberga Head of State President of Latvia, 1999-2007 01-Dec-1937 TBD ADD
Vittorio Emanuele di Savoia Royalty Crown Prince of Italy 12-Feb-1937 TBD ADD
John G. Vlazny Religion Catholic Archbishop of Portland 22-Feb-1937 TBD ADD
Franz Vranitzky Head of State Chancellor of Austria, 1986-97 04-Oct-1937 TBD ADD
Diane Wakoski Poet Coins & Coffins 03-Aug-1937 TBD ADD
John Anthony Walker Spy Naval CWO, spy for the Soviet Union 28-Jul-1937 28-Aug-2014 DEAD
John H. Waller, Jr. Judge Justice, South Carolina Supreme Court 31-Oct-1937 TBD ADD
Joseph Wambaugh Novelist The Onion Field 22-Jan-1937 TBD ADD
J. Robin Warren Doctor H. pylori bacteria causes ulcers 11-Jun-1937 TBD ADD
Cynthia Weil Songwriter Half of songwriting duo Mann and Weil 18-Oct-1937 TBD ADD
Allen Weinstein Historian US National Archivist, 2005-08 01-Sep-1937 18-Jun-2015 DEAD
Jerry Weintraub Film/TV Producer Hollywood producer 29-Sep-1937 06-Jul-2015 DEAD
Leslie H. Wexner Business CEO of Limited Brands 08-Sep-1937 TBD ADD
John C. Whitaker, Jr. Business CEO of Inmar Enterprises 07-Aug-1937 TBD ADD
John P. White Government US Deputy Secretary of Defense, 1995-97 27-Feb-1937 03-Sep-2017 DEAD
Margita E. White Government FCC Commissioner, 1976-79 27-Jun-1937 20-Nov-2002 DEAD
Lenny Wilkens Basketball Winningest coach in NBA history 28-Oct-1937 TBD ADD
Billy Dee Williams Actor Lando Calrissian, Colt-45 malt liquor pitchman 06-Apr-1937 TBD ADD
John Patrick Williams Politician Congressman from Montana, 1979-97 30-Oct-1937 TBD ADD
Lanford Wilson Playwright The Hot L Baltimore 13-Apr-1937 24-Mar-2011 DEAD
Michael H. Wilson Politician Canadian Ambassador to the US 04-Nov-1937 TBD ADD
Nancy Wilson Singer Jazz and pop diva 20-Feb-1937 TBD ADD
Barbara Windsor Actor EastEnders 06-Aug-1937 TBD ADD
Edward Winter Actor Col. Flagg on M*A*S*H 03-Jun-1937 08-Mar-2001 DEAD
Lynn Woolsey Politician Congresswoman, California 6th 03-Nov-1937 TBD ADD
Jo Anne Worley Comic Laugh-In 06-Sep-1937 TBD ADD
Harry Wu Activist Human rights activist 08-Feb-1937 26-Apr-2016 DEAD
Tony Young Actor Taggart 28-Jun-1937 26-Feb-2002 DEAD
Harris Yulin Actor Roger Stanton on 24 05-Nov-1937 TBD ADD
Roger Zelazny Novelist Damnation Alley 13-May-1937 14-Jun-1995 DEAD
John E. Zuccotti Business Real estate tycoon 23-Jun-1937 19-Nov-2015 DEAD
Mort Zuckerman Business Owner, New York Daily News 04-Jun-1937 TBD ADD
Zulu Actor Kono on Hawaii 5-O 17-Oct-1937 03-May-2004 DEAD