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Maud Adams Actor Octopussy 12-Feb-1945 TBD ADD
Patch Adams Doctor Gesundheit! Institute 28-May-1945 TBD ADD
Larry Agran Politician Twice Mayor of Irvine, California 02-Feb-1945 TBD ADD
Fouad Ajami Author Director of Middle East Studies, SAIS 09-Sep-1945 22-Jun-2014 DEAD
Karen Akers Actor Broadway actress, singer 13-Oct-1945 TBD ADD
Gary Aldrich Activist Clinton antagonist 22-May-1945 TBD ADD
David Allen Author Getting Things Done 28-Dec-1945 TBD ADD
Tom Allen Politician Congressman from Maine, 1997-2009 16-Apr-1945 TBD ADD
Barbara Anderson Actor Eve Whitfield on Ironside 27-Nov-1945 TBD ADD
Carl Anderson Singer Jesus Christ, Superstar 27-Feb-1945 23-Feb-2004 DEAD
John Ankerberg Religion The John Ankerberg Show ? TBD ADD
Rod Argent Musician The Zombies and Argent 14-Jun-1945 TBD ADD
Richard Armitage Government US Deputy Secretary of State, 2001-05 26-Apr-1945 TBD ADD
Victor Ashe Diplomat US Ambassador to Poland 01-Jan-1945 TBD ADD
G. W. Bailey Actor Harris in Police Academy 27-Aug-1945 TBD ADD
Bob Balaban Film Director Parents 16-Aug-1945 TBD ADD
Alan Ball Soccer English footballer, 1966 World Cup 12-May-1945 24-Apr-2007 DEAD
Joy Bang Actor Play It Again, Sam 15-Jun-1945 TBD ADD
John Banville Novelist The Book of Evidence 08-Dec-1945 TBD ADD
Adrienne Barbeau Actor Swamp Thing 11-Jun-1945 TBD ADD
Ron Barber Politician Congressman, Arizona 2nd 25-Aug-1945 TBD ADD
Lem Barney Football NFL Hall of Famer, Baptist minister 08-Sep-1945 TBD ADD
Edward Bass Philanthropist Billionaire, Biosphere proponent 10-Sep-1945 TBD ADD
Art Bell Radio Personality Radio talk show host specializing in UFO's 17-Jun-1945 TBD ADD
Dirk Benedict Actor Lt. Templeton Peck on the A-Team 01-Mar-1945 TBD ADD
Brenda Benet Actor Days of Our Lives 14-Aug-1945 07-Apr-1982 DEAD
Sandy Berger Government National Security Advisor for Bill Clinton 28-Oct-1945 02-Dec-2015 DEAD
Andrew Bergman Screenwriter Striptease 20-Feb-1945 TBD ADD
Lowell Bergman Film/TV Producer Former 60 Minutes producer 24-Jul-1945 TBD ADD
Marsha S. Berzon Judge 9th Circuit Court of Appeals 17-Apr-1945 TBD ADD
Zina Bethune Actor Gail Lucas on The Nurses 17-Feb-1945 11-Feb-2012 DEAD
Bev Bevan Drummer Drummer for ELO 24-Nov-1945 TBD ADD
Frank Biondi Business Former CEO, Viacom, Universal Studios 09-Jan-1945 TBD ADD
Stanley F. Birch, Jr. Judge 11th Circuit Court of Appeals 29-Aug-1945 TBD ADD
Ritchie Blackmore Guitarist Deep Purple and Rainbow 14-Apr-1945 TBD ADD
Ronee Blakley Actor Nashville 24-Aug-1945 TBD ADD
Chuck Blazer Soccer FIFA official, banned for life 26-Apr-1945 12-Jul-2017 DEAD
Alan S. Blinder Economist Vice Chairman, Federal Reserve 14-Oct-1945 TBD ADD
Blowfly Rapper The Original X Rated Rapper 14-Feb-1945 17-Jan-2016 DEAD
Colin Blunstone Singer Lead Vocals, The Zombies 24-Jun-1945 TBD ADD
Earl Boen Actor In three Terminator movies 07-Nov-1945 TBD ADD
William Hill Boner Politician Congressman from Tennessee, 1979-87 14-Feb-1945 TBD ADD
David Bonior Politician Congressman from Michigan, 1977-2003 06-Jun-1945 TBD ADD
Neal Boortz Radio Personality Libertarian radio host 06-Apr-1945 TBD ADD
Michael J. Boskin Economist Economics Professor at Stanford 23-Sep-1945 TBD ADD
Barry Bostwick Actor Brad in Rocky Horror Picture Show 24-Feb-1945 TBD ADD
Jack O. Bovender, Jr. Business CEO of HCA, 2002-09 16-Aug-1945 TBD ADD
Larry Bowa Baseball MLB Manager, Coach 06-Dec-1945 TBD ADD
Erskine Bowles Government White House Chief of Staff, 1996-98 08-Aug-1945 TBD ADD
Allen Boyd Politician Congressman from Florida, 1997-2011 06-Jun-1945 TBD ADD
Robert Brady Politician Congressman, Pennsylvania 1st 07-Apr-1945 TBD ADD
Michael Brandon Actor Dempsey & Makepeace 20-Apr-1945 TBD ADD
Anthony Braxton Jazz Musician Inventive jazz multi-instrumentalist 04-Jun-1945 TBD ADD
Gary Brooker Musician Procol Harum 29-May-1945 TBD ADD
Kathleen Brown Politician California State Treasurer, 1991-95 15-Oct-1945 TBD ADD
Jerry Bruckheimer Film/TV Producer Bombastic Movie Producer 21-Sep-1945 TBD ADD
William C. Bryson Judge US Court of Appeals, Federal Circuit 19-Aug-1945 TBD ADD
Jeremy Bulloch Actor Boba Fett in the Star Wars series 16-Feb-1945 TBD ADD
Raymond Burghardt Diplomat US Ambassador to Vietnam, 2002-04 27-May-1945 TBD ADD
Bonnie Burnard Novelist A Good House 15-Jan-1945 04-Mar-2017 DEAD
Catherine Burns Actor Last Summer 24-Sep-1945 TBD ADD
Robert Olen Butler Author A Good Scent from a Strange Mountain 20-Jan-1945 TBD ADD
Brook Byers Business Co-Founder, Kleiner-Perkins 02-Aug-1945 TBD ADD
Herman Cain Business Godfather's Pizza 13-Dec-1945 TBD ADD
George Campbell, Jr. Educator President of the Cooper Union 02-Dec-1945 TBD ADD
Rod Carew Baseball Hall of Famer 01-Oct-1945 TBD ADD
Walter L. Carpeneti Judge Justice, Alaska Supreme Court 01-Dec-1945 TBD ADD
Steve Carver Film Director Lone Wolf McQuade 05-Apr-1945 TBD ADD
Joanna Cassidy Actor Snake-charmer in Blade Runner 02-Aug-1945 TBD ADD
Ed Catmull Business Pixar Co-Founder, Disney Animation president 31-Mar-1945 TBD ADD
Christopher Cazenove Actor English character actor 17-Dec-1945 07-Apr-2010 DEAD
Lauren Chapin Actor Father Knows Best 23-May-1945 TBD ADD
Jim Chapman Politician Congressman from Texas, 1985-97 08-Mar-1945 TBD ADD
Donna M. Christian-Christensen Politician Congresswoman, US Virgin Islands 19-Sep-1945 TBD ADD
Robert Cialdini Psychologist Influence 27-Apr-1945 TBD ADD
Eric Clapton Guitarist Slowhand 30-Mar-1945 TBD ADD
Bruce Cockburn Singer/Songwriter Rocket Launcher 27-May-1945 TBD ADD
Stephen P. Cohen Scholar Middle East scholar 28-May-1945 25-Jan-2017 DEAD
Michael Cole Actor Pete Cochran on The Mod Squad 03-Jul-1945 TBD ADD
Larry Combest Politician Congressman from Texas, 1985-2003 20-Mar-1945 TBD ADD
F. Anthony Comper Business President of Bank of Montreal, 1990-2007 24-Apr-1945 TBD ADD
Tony Conigliaro Baseball Boston Red Sox 07-Jan-1945 24-Feb-1990 DEAD
Pat Conroy Novelist The Prince of Tides 26-Oct-1945 04-Mar-2016 DEAD
Frances D. Cook Diplomat US Ambassador to Oman, 1996-99 07-Sep-1945 TBD ADD
Wendy Cope Poet If I Don't Know 21-Jul-1945 TBD ADD
Gregory B. Craig Attorney White House Counsel, 2009 04-Mar-1945 TBD ADD
John B. Craig Diplomat US Ambassador to Oman, 1998-2001 13-Nov-1945 TBD ADD
Larry Craig Politician US Senator from Idaho, 1990-2009 20-Jul-1945 TBD ADD
Peter Criss Drummer One of the original KISS quartet 20-Dec-1945 TBD ADD
Michael Cristofer Playwright The Shadow Box 22-Jan-1945 TBD ADD
Stanley Crouch Columnist Jazz critic 14-Dec-1945 TBD ADD
Valerie Curtin Actor Judy Bernly on 9 to 5 31-Mar-1945 TBD ADD
Meir Dagan Spy Chief of the Israeli Mossad, 2002-11 30-Jan-1945 17-Mar-2016 DEAD
Dennis D. Dammerman Business CFO of GE, 1998-2005 04-Nov-1945 23-Jul-2013 DEAD
Terence Davies Film Director The House of Mirth 10-Nov-1945 TBD ADD
Clifton Davis Actor That's My Mama 04-Oct-1945 TBD ADD
Daniel Davis Actor Niles the Butler on The Nanny 26-Nov-1945 TBD ADD
Jim Davis Cartoonist Garfield 28-Jul-1945 TBD ADD
Nicholas DeBenedictis Business Aqua America 15-Sep-1945 TBD ADD
Wolfgang Deml Business CEO of BayWa Corporation 31-Jul-1945 TBD ADD
Robert E. Denham Attorney Partner, Munger, Tolles & Olson 27-Aug-1945 TBD ADD
Dorothy Denning Scientist Professor, interest in encryption 12-Aug-1945 TBD ADD
John Derbyshire Author Conservative pundit 03-Jun-1945 TBD ADD
Peter B. Dervan Chemist DNA Researcher 28-Jun-1945 TBD ADD
Patti Deutsch Actor Laugh-In 16-Dec-1945 26-Jul-2017 DEAD
David Dewhurst Politician Lt. Governor of Texas 18-Aug-1945 TBD ADD
Persi Diaconis Mathematician Science of random numbers 31-Jan-1945 TBD ADD
William M. Diefenderfer III Government Deputy Director of OMB, 1989-91 03-May-1945 TBD ADD
Annie Dillard Author Pilgrim at Tinker Creek 30-Apr-1945 TBD ADD
William Dillard II Business CEO of Dillard's 16-Jun-1945 TBD ADD
Carol E. Dinkins Attorney Vinson & Elkins 09-Nov-1945 TBD ADD
Divine Actor Poodle poop-eating drag queen 19-Oct-1945 07-Mar-1988 DEAD
Lou Dobbs TV Personality CNN anchor, Lou Dobbs Tonight 24-Sep-1945 TBD ADD
Micky Dolenz Actor Drummer for The Monkees 08-Mar-1945 TBD ADD
John Doman Actor Rodrigo Borgia on Borgia 09-Jan-1945 TBD ADD
Roger Donaldson Film Director Dante's Peak 15-Nov-1945 TBD ADD
Nicholas M. Donofrio Business EVP at IBM 07-Sep-1945 TBD ADD
Walter F. Doran Military C-in-C, US Pacific Fleet, 2002-05 15-Oct-1945 TBD ADD
Tony Dow Actor Wally on Leave It to Beaver 13-Apr-1945 TBD ADD
Jim Doyle Politician Governor of Wisconsin, 2003-11 23-Nov-1945 TBD ADD
Brian Doyle-Murray Comic SNL 31-Oct-1945 TBD ADD
Jacqueline du Pré Cellist Cellist 26-Jan-1945 19-Oct-1987 DEAD
Ja'net DuBois Actor Willona Woods on Good Times 05-Aug-1945 TBD ADD
David Dukes Actor War and Remembrance 06-Jun-1945 09-Oct-2000 DEAD
Christine M. Durham Judge Utah Chief Justice 03-Aug-1945 TBD ADD
Rodrigo Duterte Head of State President of the Philippines 28-Mar-1945 TBD ADD
George Dzundza Actor Max Greevey on Law & Order 19-Jul-1945 TBD ADD
Dennis P. Eichhorn Author Real Stuff 19-Aug-1945 08-Oct-2015 DEAD
Dock Ellis Baseball Pitched a no-hitter on LSD 11-Mar-1945 19-Dec-2008 DEAD
David Emerson Politician Canadian Minister of International Trade 17-Sep-1945 TBD ADD
Richard Eyer Actor The Invisible Boy 06-May-1945 TBD ADD
Mimsy Farmer Actor Hot Rods to Hell 28-Feb-1945 TBD ADD
Suzanne Farrell Dancer Ballerina, NYC Ballet 16-Aug-1945 TBD ADD
Mia Farrow Actor Rosemary's Baby 09-Feb-1945 TBD ADD
Rainer Werner Fassbinder Film Director The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant 31-May-1945 10-Jun-1982 DEAD
Kenneth Feinberg Government Pay Czar for TARP and Gulf of Mexico disaster 23-Oct-1945 TBD ADD
Raymond E. Feist Novelist Riftwar Saga 23-Dec-1945 TBD ADD
José Feliciano Singer Feliz Navidad 10-Sep-1945 TBD ADD
Bryan Ferry Musician Frontman of Roxy Music 26-Sep-1945 TBD ADD
Hanno C. Fiedler Business CEO of Ball Packaging Europe, 2002-05 24-Jun-1945 TBD ADD
Arthur J. Finkelstein Political Strategist Conservative political strategist 18-May-1945 18-Aug-2017 DEAD
Robert Finn Diplomat US Ambassador to Afghanistan, 2002-03 19-Dec-1945 TBD ADD
Niall FitzGerald Business Chairman of Reuters 13-Sep-1945 TBD ADD
Floyd H. Flake Politician Congressman from New York, 1987-97 30-Jan-1945 TBD ADD
William A. Fletcher Judge 9th Circuit Court of Appeals 06-Jun-1945 TBD ADD
John Fogerty Musician Creedence Clearwater Revival 28-May-1945 TBD ADD
Thomas King Forcade Journalist Founder of High Times 11-Sep-1945 17-Nov-1978 DEAD
Harold Ford, Sr. Politician Congressman from Tennessee, 1975-97 20-May-1945 TBD ADD
Vince Foster Attorney Deputy White House Counsel for Clinton 15-Jan-1945 20-Jul-1993 DEAD
Stephen R. Fox Author Blood and Power 28-Feb-1945 TBD ADD
Sheila Frahm Politician US Senator from Kansas, 1996 22-Mar-1945 TBD ADD
Shirley Franklin Politician Mayor of Atlanta, 2002-10 10-May-1945 TBD ADD
Tommy Franks Military Former C-in-C, US Central Command 17-Jun-1945 TBD ADD
Peter Fraser Politician Baron Fraser of Carmyllie 29-May-1945 23-Jun-2013 DEAD
Walt Frazier Basketball New York Knicks hall of famer 29-Mar-1945 TBD ADD
Brenda Fricker Actor My Left Foot 17-Feb-1945 TBD ADD
Larry Gagosian Art Dealer Art dealer, Gagosian Gallery 19-Apr-1945 TBD ADD
John Garamendi Politician Congressman, California 10th 24-Jan-1945 TBD ADD
Kathy Garver Actor Cissy on Family Affair 13-Dec-1945 TBD ADD
Bill Geist Columnist 60 Minutes II 10-May-1945 TBD ADD
Ian Gillan Singer Vocalist for Deep Purple 19-Aug-1945 TBD ADD
Ron Glass Actor Det. Harris on Barney Miller 10-Jul-1945 25-Nov-2016 DEAD
Joscelyn Godwin Historian Historian of the esoteric 16-Jan-1945 TBD ADD
Bernard Goldberg Journalist Bias 31-May-1945 TBD ADD
Susan Golding Politician Mayor of San Diego, 1992-2000 18-Aug-1945 TBD ADD
Charlie Gonzalez Politician Congressman from Texas, 1999-2013 05-May-1945 TBD ADD
Donald E. Graham Journalist CEO of Washington Post 22-Apr-1945 TBD ADD
Wendy Gramm Business Phil Gramm's wife, ex-Enron board member 09-Jan-1945 TBD ADD
Sammy "The Bull" Gravano Criminal Testified against John Gotti 12-Mar-1945 TBD ADD
Steven J. Green Business US Ambassador to Singapore, 1998-2001 17-Jul-1945 TBD ADD
Stanley B. Greenberg Business Pollster 10-May-1945 TBD ADD
Robert Greenwald Film/TV Producer Outfoxed, Xanadu 28-Aug-1945 TBD ADD
Bob Griese Football Dolphins QB #12 03-Feb-1945 TBD ADD
Bob Gunton Actor The Shawshank Redemption 15-Nov-1945 TBD ADD
Raj L. Gupta Business CEO of Rohm and Haas 23-Dec-1945 TBD ADD
Clyde Haberman Journalist The New York Times 18-May-1945 TBD ADD
Randa Haines Film Director Children of a Lesser God 20-Feb-1945 TBD ADD
Curtis Hanson Film Director LA Confidential 24-Mar-1945 20-Sep-2016 DEAD
Jane Harman Politician Congresswoman from California, 1993-2011 28-Jun-1945 TBD ADD
Donald J. Harrington Educator President, St. John's University 02-Oct-1945 TBD ADD
Mike Harris Politician Premier of Ontario, 1995-2002 23-Jan-1945 TBD ADD
Debbie Harry Singer Blondie 01-Jul-1945 TBD ADD
Fred Hassan Business CEO of Schering-Plough 12-Nov-1945 TBD ADD
Max Hastings Journalist Editor of the Daily Telegraph, 1986-95 28-Dec-1945 TBD ADD
Richard Hatch Actor Apollo on Battlestar Galactica 21-May-1945 07-Feb-2017 DEAD
Donny Hathaway Singer Where Is The Love? 01-Oct-1945 13-Jan-1979 DEAD
Michael Daly Hawkins Judge 9th Circuit Court of Appeals 12-Feb-1945 TBD ADD
Goldie Hawn Actor Private Benjamin 21-Nov-1945 TBD ADD
Michael V. Hayden Government Former Director of the CIA 17-Mar-1945 TBD ADD
Elvin Hayes Basketball NBA Hall of Famer 17-Nov-1945 TBD ADD
Robin Hayes Politician Congressman from North Carolina, 1999-2009 14-Aug-1945 TBD ADD
John Heard Actor The Pelican Brief 07-Mar-1945 21-Jul-2017 DEAD
Martin Hellman Inventor Public key cryptographer 02-Oct-1945 TBD ADD
Ken Hensley Musician Former Uriah Heep keyboardist 24-Aug-1945 TBD ADD
Bob Herbert Columnist Former New York Times columnist 07-Mar-1945 TBD ADD
Wally Herger Politician Congressman, California 2nd 20-May-1945 TBD ADD
Douglas Hofstadter Author Godel, Escher, Bach 15-Feb-1945 TBD ADD
Clive R. Hollick Business CEO of United Business Media, 1996-2005 19-May-1945 TBD ADD
R. David Hoover Business CEO of Ball Corporation, 2001-11 21-Jun-1945 TBD ADD
Hugh Hopper Bassist Soft Machine bassist 29-Apr-1945 07-Jun-2009 DEAD
Katharine Houghton Actor Guess Who's Coming to Dinner 10-Mar-1945 TBD ADD
Huell Howser TV Personality California's Gold 18-Oct-1945 06-Jan-2013 DEAD
Lloyd Carr Football UMich Football Coach, 1995-2007 30-Jul-1945 TBD ADD
Ernie Hudson Actor Warden Glenn on Oz 17-Dec-1945 TBD ADD
Josephine Humphreys Author Rich in Love 02-Feb-1945 TBD ADD
Linda Hunt Actor The Year of Living Dangerously 02-Apr-1945 TBD ADD
Lewis Hyde Critic The Gift 16-Oct-1945 TBD ADD
Patricia Ireland Activist NOW president, 1991-2001 19-Oct-1945 TBD ADD
Hale Irwin Golf Three-time US Open winner 03-Jun-1945 TBD ADD
Itcho Ito Politician Mayor of Nagasaki, 1995-2007 23-Aug-1945 18-Apr-2007 DEAD
Igor Ivanov Government Russia Minister of Foreign Affairs 23-Sep-1945 TBD ADD
Alphonso Jackson Government US Secretary of HUD, 2004-08 09-Sep-1945 TBD ADD
Phil Jackson Basketball Big Chief Triangle 17-Sep-1945 TBD ADD
Gary N. Jacobs Business General Counsel for MGM Mirage 12-Jul-1945 TBD ADD
Lowell Jacoby Military Director, Defense Intelligence Agency, 2002-05 28-Aug-1945 TBD ADD
Susan Jacoby Author Freethinkers: A History of American Secularism 04-Jun-1945 TBD ADD
Bianca Jagger Model First wife of Mick Jagger 02-May-1945 TBD ADD
Brion James Actor Leon the replicant in Blade Runner 20-Feb-1945 07-Aug-1999 DEAD
Jandek Singer/Songwriter Reclusive Texan songwriter 26-Oct-1945 TBD ADD
Keith Jarrett Jazz Musician Jazz pianist and composer 08-May-1945 TBD ADD
Jeanne-Claude Artist Gift-wraps large monuments 13-Jun-1945 18-Nov-2009 DEAD
Pat Jennings Soccer PFA Player of the Year, 1976 12-Jun-1945 TBD ADD
Roland Joffé Film Director The Killing Fields 17-Nov-1945 TBD ADD
Robert M. Johnson Publisher Publisher of Newsday, 1986-94 14-Jul-1945 TBD ADD
Davy Jones Singer Frontman for The Monkees 30-Dec-1945 29-Feb-2012 DEAD
Lee Jong-Wook Administrator Director-General of WHO, 2003-06 12-Apr-1945 22-May-2006 DEAD
Elaine Joyce Actor Match Game panelist 19-Dec-1945 TBD ADD
John P. Jumper Military USAF Chief of Staff, 2001-05 04-Feb-1945 TBD ADD
Alain Juppé Head of State Prime Minister of France, 1995-97 15-Aug-1945 TBD ADD
Jeremy Paul Kagan Film Director The Journey of Natty Gann 14-Dec-1945 TBD ADD
Arnold Kanter Government Under Secy. of State for Political Affairs, 1991-93 27-Feb-1945 10-Apr-2010 DEAD
Gabe Kaplan Actor Mr. Kotter on Welcome Back, Kotter 31-Mar-1945 TBD ADD
Radovan Karadzic Head of State Indicted Serbian war criminal 19-Jun-1945 TBD ADD
Moshe Katsav Head of State President of Israel, 2000-07 05-Dec-1945 TBD ADD
Lloyd Kaufman Film Director The Toxic Avenger 30-Dec-1945 TBD ADD
Christine Kaufmann Actor The Last Days of Pompeii 11-Jan-1945 28-Mar-2017 DEAD
Marthe Keller Actor Fedora 28-Jan-1945 TBD ADD
Paul Kennedy Historian The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers 17-Jun-1945 TBD ADD
Tracy Kidder Author The Soul of a New Machine 12-Nov-1945 TBD ADD
Carolyn Kilpatrick Politician Congresswoman from Michigan, 1997-2011 25-Jun-1945 TBD ADD
Andrew J. Kleinfeld Judge 9th Circuit Court of Appeals 12-Jun-1945 TBD ADD
Dean R. Koontz Novelist Demon Seed 09-Jul-1945 TBD ADD
Leo Kottke Guitarist Acoustic guitarist virtuoso 11-Sep-1945 TBD ADD
Bruce Kovner Activist Caxton Associates billionaire ? TBD ADD
Marta Kristen Actor Judy Robinson on Lost in Space 26-Feb-1945 TBD ADD
Steve Kroft Journalist 60 Minutes 22-Aug-1945 TBD ADD
Barbara Kruger Artist I Shop Therefore I Am 26-Jan-1945 TBD ADD
Aung San Suu Kyi Activist Burmese activist, Nobel Prize recipient 19-Jun-1945 TBD ADD
Ray LaHood Politician US Secretary of Transportation, 2009-13 06-Dec-1945 TBD ADD
Nick Lampson Politician Former Congressman from Texas 14-Feb-1945 TBD ADD
Steve Landesberg Actor Dietrich on Barney Miller 23-Nov-1945 20-Dec-2010 DEAD
Willie Lanier Football KC Chiefs, Hall of Famer 21-Aug-1945 TBD ADD
Leigh Lawson Actor Brother Sun, Sister Moon 21-Jul-1945 TBD ADD
Arthur Lee Singer Love 07-Mar-1945 04-Aug-2006 DEAD
Jacques Lemaire Hockey Head Coach, Minnesota Wild 07-Sep-1945 TBD ADD
Lemmy Singer Bassist for Motörhead 24-Dec-1945 28-Dec-2015 DEAD
John Leslie Pornstar Talk Dirty To Me 25-Jan-1945 05-Dec-2010 DEAD
Walter Liedtke Curator Curator of European Paintings at the Met, 1980-2015 28-Aug-1945 03-Feb-2015 DEAD
John Lithgow Actor Third Rock From The Sun 19-Oct-1945 TBD ADD
Ken Livingstone Politician Mayor of London, 2000-08 17-Jun-1945 TBD ADD
Kurt Loder Journalist MTV News reporter 05-May-1945 TBD ADD
Barry Lopez Author Of Wolves and Men 06-Jan-1945 TBD ADD
Bill Luther Politician Congressman from Minnesota, 1995-2003 27-Jun-1945 TBD ADD
Anni-Frid Lyngstad Musician ABBA 15-Nov-1945 TBD ADD
Patrick Malahide Actor Alleyn Mysteries 24-Mar-1945 TBD ADD
Milo Manara Cartoonist Erotic comic book artist 12-Sep-1945 TBD ADD
Stephen Mandel Politician Mayor of Edmonton 18-Jul-1945 TBD ADD
Randolph Mantooth Actor Emergency! 19-Sep-1945 TBD ADD
Bob Marley Singer/Songwriter No Woman No Cry 06-Feb-1945 11-May-1981 DEAD
Michael Martin Politician Speaker of the House of Commons, 2000-09 03-Jul-1945 TBD ADD
Steve Martin Comic The Jerk 14-Aug-1945 TBD ADD
Nick Mason Drummer Drummer for Pink Floyd 27-Jan-1945 TBD ADD
Chris Matthews Talk Show Host Hardball with Chris Matthews 17-Dec-1945 TBD ADD
Carmen Maura Actor Volver 15-Sep-1945 TBD ADD
William G. Mays Business Mays Chemical 04-Dec-1945 TBD ADD
John McAfee Business Antivirus entepreneur and yoga wannabe 18-Sep-1945 TBD ADD
Patty McCormack Actor The Bad Seed 21-Aug-1945 TBD ADD
Everett McGill Actor Big Ed from Twin Peaks 21-Oct-1945 TBD ADD
Goldy McJohn Musician Keyboardist for Steppenwolf 02-May-1945 01-Aug-2017 DEAD
Ron McKernan Musician Keyboards for Grateful Dead 08-Sep-1945 08-Mar-1973 DEAD
Ian McLagan Musician The Small Faces, The Faces 12-May-1945 03-Dec-2014 DEAD
Don McLean Singer/Songwriter American Pie 02-Oct-1945 TBD ADD
Vince McMahon Wrestling World Wrestling Entertainment impresario 24-Aug-1945 TBD ADD
John McVie Bassist Bassist for Fleetwood Mac 26-Nov-1945 TBD ADD
Montgomery Meigs Military Military analyst 11-Jan-1945 TBD ADD
William D. Mensch Engineer Co-Designer, 6502 microprocessor 09-Feb-1945 TBD ADD
Eddy Merckx Cyclist Five time winner, Tour de France 17-Jun-1945 TBD ADD
Nicholas Meyer Film Director Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan 24-Dec-1945 TBD ADD
Princess Michael of Kent Royalty Wife of Prince Michael of Kent 15-Jun-1945 TBD ADD
Bette Midler Singer Ol' Red Hair 01-Dec-1945 TBD ADD
Harriet Miers Government White House Counsel, 2005-07 10-Aug-1945 TBD ADD
Nikita Mikhalkov Film Director Burnt by the Sun 21-Oct-1945 TBD ADD
Bob Miller Politician Governor of Nevada, 1989-99 30-Mar-1945 TBD ADD
George Miller Politician Congressman, California 7th 17-May-1945 TBD ADD
George Miller Film Director Mad Max 03-Mar-1945 TBD ADD
Helen Mirren Actor Prime Suspect 26-Jul-1945 TBD ADD
Artie Mitchell Film Director Pornographer; shot and killed by brother Jim 12-Dec-1945 27-Feb-1991 DEAD
David Smith Monson Politician Congressman from Utah, 1985-87 20-Jun-1945 TBD ADD
Elizabeth Moon Novelist The Speed of Dark 07-Mar-1945 TBD ADD
Dennis Moore Politician Congressman from Kansas, 1999-2011 08-Nov-1945 TBD ADD
Melba Moore Singer Lift Every Voice and Sing 29-Oct-1945 TBD ADD
Jim Moran Politician Congressman, Virginia 8th 16-May-1945 TBD ADD
Kenneth P. Moritsugu Doctor US Surgeon General, 2006-07 05-Mar-1945 TBD ADD
Van Morrison Singer/Songwriter Central figure of the Belfast blues scene 31-Aug-1945 TBD ADD
Robert J. Mrazek Politician Congressman from New York, 1983-93 06-Nov-1945 TBD ADD
Alan Mulally Business CEO of Ford Motor Company, 2006-14 04-Aug-1945 TBD ADD
Anne Murray Singer Mellow Canadian singer 20-Jun-1945 TBD ADD
Michael Nader Actor Dex Dexter on Dynasty 19-Feb-1945 TBD ADD
Patrick Nagel Artist The Nagel Woman 25-Nov-1945 04-Feb-1984 DEAD
David Nasaw Historian Schooled to Order 18-Jul-1945 TBD ADD
James Naughton Actor The Paper Chase 06-Dec-1945 TBD ADD
Kojo Nnamdi Radio Personality The Politics Hour 08-Jan-1945 TBD ADD
Jessye Norman Singer Operatic soprano 15-Sep-1945 TBD ADD
Steven Norris Politician Former Conservative MP, Epping Forest 24-May-1945 TBD ADD
Ken Norton Boxing Fought Muhammad Ali 09-Aug-1945 18-Sep-2013 DEAD
Michael Nouri Actor Flashdance 09-Dec-1945 TBD ADD
Bruno Nuytten Film Director Jean de Florette 28-Aug-1945 TBD ADD
Judith O'Dea Actor Night of the Living Dead 20-Apr-1945 TBD ADD
Raila Odinga Head of State Prime Minister of Kenya 07-Jan-1945 TBD ADD
Don Ohlmeyer Business President of NBC West Coast 03-Feb-1945 TBD ADD
Ehud Olmert Politician Prime Minister of Israel, 2006-09 30-Sep-1945 TBD ADD
Nicky Oppenheimer Business Chairman of De Beers 08-Jun-1945 TBD ADD
Daniel Ortega Head of State President of Nicaragua 11-Nov-1945 TBD ADD
Douglas D. Osheroff Physicist Superfluidity of helium-3 01-Aug-1945 TBD ADD
Virl Osmond Musician One of the Osmonds 19-Oct-1945 TBD ADD
Ronn Owens Radio Personality KGO radio talk show host 17-Oct-1945 TBD ADD
Peter Pace Military Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, 2005-07 05-Nov-1945 TBD ADD
Alan Page Football Vikings and Bears defensive tackle 07-Aug-1945 TBD ADD
Charlemagne Palestine Pianist Strumming Music 14-Aug-1945 TBD ADD
Jim Palmer Baseball Longtime Baltimore Orioles pitcher 15-Oct-1945 TBD ADD
Bernie Parent Hockey Goalie, NHL Hall of Famer 03-Apr-1945 TBD ADD
George Pataki Politician Governor of New York, 1995-2006 24-Jun-1945 TBD ADD
John Allen Paulos Mathematician Innumeracy 04-Jul-1945 TBD ADD
Lewis F. Payne, Jr. Politician Congressman from Virginia, 1988-97 09-Jul-1945 TBD ADD
Tom Penders Basketball NCAA Basketball Coach 23-May-1945 TBD ADD
Thaao Penghlis Actor Days of Our Lives 15-Dec-1945 TBD ADD
John Perkins Activist Confessions of an Economic Hit Man 28-Jan-1945 TBD ADD
Itzhak Perlman Violinist Israeli violinist 31-Aug-1945 TBD ADD
Dennis Peron Activist Medical marijuana 08-Apr-1945 TBD ADD
Jon Peters Film/TV Producer Half of Hollywood Peters-Guber duo 02-Jun-1945 TBD ADD
Paul Petersen Actor The Donna Reed Show 23-Sep-1945 TBD ADD
Cecil B. Pickett Biologist Ezetrol, Singulair, and Vioxx 05-Oct-1945 TBD ADD
Ben Pimlott Historian Definitive biography of Elizabeth II 04-Jul-1945 10-Apr-2004 DEAD
Harvey Pitt Government SEC Chairman, 2001-03 28-Feb-1945 TBD ADD
Jean-Marie Poiré Film Director The Visitors 10-Jul-1945 TBD ADD
Henry Polic II Actor Jerry Silver on Webster 20-Feb-1945 11-Aug-2013 DEAD
Glenn Poshard Politician President, Southern Illinois University 30-Oct-1945 TBD ADD
Franklyn G. Prendergast Doctor Mayo Clinic 07-Mar-1945 TBD ADD
Priscilla Presley Actor Elvis's wife 24-May-1945 TBD ADD
Joan Pringle Actor Sybil Buchanan on The White Shadow 02-Jun-1945 TBD ADD
Dennis Rader Criminal BTK serial killer 09-Mar-1945 TBD ADD
Mahinda Rajapakse Head of State President of Sri Lanka 18-Nov-1945 TBD ADD
Charlotte Rampling Actor The Verdict 05-Feb-1945 TBD ADD
Bruce Ratner Business New York City developer 23-Jan-1945 TBD ADD
Michael Reagan Radio Personality Ronald Reagan's adopted son 18-Mar-1945 TBD ADD
Otto J. Reich Diplomat US Ambassador to Venezuela, 1986-89 16-Oct-1945 TBD ADD
Mercer Reynolds Politician Chief fundraiser behind GWB presidential campaigns 17-Jun-1945 TBD ADD
Dusty Rhodes Wrestling The American Dream 12-Oct-1945 11-Jun-2015 DEAD
Tom Ridge Politician US Secretary of Homeland Security, 2003-04 26-Aug-1945 TBD ADD
Jeremy Rifkin Activist Foundation on Economic Trends 26-Jan-1945 TBD ADD
Jeannie C. Riley Singer Harper Valley P.T.A. 09-Oct-1945 TBD ADD
Pat Riley Basketball Miami Heat Head Coach, 2005-08 20-Mar-1945 TBD ADD
Lucienne Robillard Politician Canadian MP, Westmount--Ville-Marie 16-Jun-1945 TBD ADD
Phil Roe Politician Congressman, Tennessee 1st 21-Jul-1945 TBD ADD
Willem P. Roelandts Business CEO of Xilinx, 1996-2008 04-Jan-1945 TBD ADD
Hector Ruiz Business CEO of Advanced Micro Devices 25-Dec-1945 TBD ADD
John R. Ryan Military Chancellor of SUNY, 2006-07 15-Aug-1945 TBD ADD
Mitch Ryder Singer/Songwriter Devil with a Blue Dress On 26-Feb-1945 TBD ADD
Hideki Saijo Singer Popular Japanese vocalist 13-Apr-1945 TBD ADD
Robert J. Samuelson Columnist Newsweek columnist 23-Dec-1945 TBD ADD
David Sanborn Musician Saxophone player 30-Jul-1945 TBD ADD
Gary Sandy Actor Andy Travis on WKRP 25-Dec-1945 TBD ADD
Diane Sawyer Journalist Good Morning America 22-Dec-1945 TBD ADD
Thomas C. Sawyer Politician Congressman from Ohio, 1987-2003 15-Aug-1945 TBD ADD
George A. Schaefer, Jr. Business CEO of Fifth Third Bancorp, 1991-2007 17-May-1945 TBD ADD
Leonard D. Schaeffer Business CEO of WellPoint, 1992-2004 28-Jul-1945 TBD ADD
Simon Schama Historian Landscape and Memory 13-Feb-1945 TBD ADD
Lynn Schenk Politician US Congresswoman from California, 1993-95 05-Jan-1945 TBD ADD
Richard R. Schrock Chemist Metathesis 04-Jan-1945 TBD ADD
Wolfgang Schüssel Head of State Chancellor of Austria 07-Jun-1945 TBD ADD
Kathryn Leigh Scott Actor Maggie Evans on Dark Shadows 29-Jan-1945 TBD ADD
Bob Seger Musician And the Silver Bullet Band 06-May-1945 TBD ADD
Tom Selleck Actor Magnum, P.I. 29-Jan-1945 TBD ADD
Jim Sharman Film Director The Rocky Horror Picture Show 12-Mar-1945 TBD ADD
Martin Shaw Actor Doyle on The Professionals 21-Jan-1945 TBD ADD
Arthur Shawcross Criminal Genesee River Killer 06-Jun-1945 10-Nov-2008 DEAD
Christopher Shays Politician Congressman from Connecticut, 1987-2009 18-Oct-1945 TBD ADD
Ron Shelton Film Director White Men Can't Jump 15-Sep-1945 TBD ADD
Jack Sholder Film Director The Hidden 08-Jun-1945 TBD ADD
Lula Da Silva Head of State President of Brazil, 2003-11 27-Oct-1945 TBD ADD
Ruth J. Simmons Educator President, Brown University 03-Jul-1945 TBD ADD
Carly Simon Singer/Songwriter You're So Vain 25-Jun-1945 TBD ADD
Portia Simpson-Miller Head of State Prime Minister of Jamaica, 2006-07 12-Dec-1945 TBD ADD
Carol Skelton Politician Canadian Minister of National Revenue 12-Dec-1945 TBD ADD
John C. Skipper Journalist Wicked Curve 30-Sep-1945 TBD ADD
Bubba Smith Football Athlete, Police Academy star 28-Feb-1945 03-Aug-2011 DEAD
Jaclyn Smith Actor Kelly on Charlie's Angels 26-Oct-1945 TBD ADD
Peter Smith Educator President, CSU Monterey Bay, 1995-2005 31-Oct-1945 TBD ADD
George F. Smoot Physicist Big bang 20-Feb-1945 TBD ADD
Mike Sodrel Politician Congressman, Indiana 9th 17-Dec-1945 TBD ADD
Catherine Spaak Actor The Cat o' Nine Tails 03-Apr-1945 TBD ADD
Bruce Spence Actor Mouth of Sauron 17-Sep-1945 TBD ADD
Penelope Spheeris Film Director Wayne's World 02-Dec-1945 TBD ADD
Roger Spottiswoode Film Director Tomorrow Never Dies 05-Jan-1945 TBD ADD
Steve Spurrier Football Head Coach, South Carolina Gamecocks 20-Apr-1945 TBD ADD
Ken Stabler Football Oakland Raiders QB 25-Dec-1945 08-Jul-2015 DEAD
Paula Stern Government Chairman, Int'l. Trade Commission, 1984-86 31-Mar-1945 TBD ADD
Dennis Stevenson Business Chairman of HBOS 19-Jul-1945 TBD ADD
Al Stewart Singer/Songwriter Year of the Cat 05-Sep-1945 TBD ADD
Alana Stewart Actor Ex-Wife of George Hamilton, Rod Stewart 18-May-1945 TBD ADD
Eric Stewart Musician Former 10cc frontman 20-Jan-1945 TBD ADD
Ian Stewart Mathematician Catastrophe theory 24-Sep-1945 TBD ADD
Rod Stewart Singer/Songwriter Da Ya Think I'm Sexy? 10-Jan-1945 TBD ADD
Rollen Stewart Oddity The Rainbow Man 23-Feb-1945 TBD ADD
Stephen Stills Musician Crosby, Stills, and Nash 03-Jan-1945 TBD ADD
Whitley Strieber Novelist Alien-abductee wrote Communion 13-Jun-1945 TBD ADD
Jean Strouse Author Alice James: A Biography 10-Sep-1945 TBD ADD
Don Sutton Baseball Pitcher, Baseball Hall of Famer 02-Apr-1945 TBD ADD
Fife Symington Politician Governor of Arizona, 1991-97 12-Aug-1945 TBD ADD
Tom Tancredo Politician Congressman from Colorado, 1999-2009 20-Dec-1945 TBD ADD
Leigh Taylor-Young Actor I Love You, Alice B. Toklas! 25-Jan-1945 TBD ADD
Dorothy A. Terrell Business VP at NMS Communications, 1998-2002 12-Jun-1945 TBD ADD
Tammi Terrell Singer Singing partner with Marvin Gaye 29-Apr-1945 16-Mar-1970 DEAD
Nigel Terry Actor Excalibur 15-Aug-1945 30-Apr-2015 DEAD
Larry D. Thompson Attorney General Counsel of Pepsi 15-Nov-1945 TBD ADD
Gordon Thomson Actor Adam Carrington on Dynasty 03-Mar-1945 TBD ADD
James A. Thomson Administrator President and CEO, Rand Corporation 21-Jan-1945 TBD ADD
Pete Townshend Guitarist Lead guitarist for The Who 19-May-1945 TBD ADD
Robin Trower Guitarist Guitar hero, Procol Harum 09-Mar-1945 TBD ADD
Michael Tucker Actor Stuart Markowitz on L.A. Law 06-Feb-1945 TBD ADD
Neil Turner Politician British MP, Wigan 16-Sep-1945 TBD ADD
Susan Tyrrell Actor Fat City 18-Mar-1945 16-Jun-2012 DEAD
Wyomia Tyus Track and Field Olympic sprinter 29-Aug-1945 TBD ADD
Björn Ulvaeus Musician ABBA 25-Apr-1945 TBD ADD
Gene Upshaw Football NFL Hall-of-Fame Guard, NFLPA Leader 15-Aug-1945 20-Aug-2008 DEAD
Gunther von Hagens Artist Popularized cadaver art 10-Jan-1945 TBD ADD
Frederica von Stade Singer Operatic mezzo-soprano 01-Jun-1945 TBD ADD
Virginia Wade Tennis Winner of 7 Grand Slam titles 10-Jul-1945 TBD ADD
Karl Edward Wagner Novelist Creator of Kane, the mystic swordsman 12-Dec-1945 14-Oct-1994 DEAD
Collin Walcott Jazz Musician Jazz sitar player 24-Feb-1945 08-Nov-1984 DEAD
Gordon Waller Musician Half of Peter and Gordon 04-Jun-1945 17-Jul-2009 DEAD
John Walsh TV Personality America's Most Wanted 26-Dec-1945 TBD ADD
William G. Walter Business CEO of FMC 20-Sep-1945 TBD ADD
David S. Ward Film Director The Sting 25-Oct-1945 TBD ADD
Dee Dee Warwick Singer Influential but obscure soul singer 25-Sep-1945 19-Oct-2008 DEAD
Tex Watson Criminal Honor student turned to Manson Family 02-Dec-1945 TBD ADD
Mel Watt Politician Congressman, North Carolina 12th 26-Aug-1945 TBD ADD
Ronald Weiser Diplomat US Ambassador to Slovakia, 2001-04 07-Jul-1945 TBD ADD
Bob Welch Guitarist Guitarist for Fleetwood Mac, 1971-74 31-Aug-1945 07-Jun-2012 DEAD
Bill Weld Politician Governor of Massachusetts, 1991-97 31-Jul-1945 TBD ADD
Frank Welker Actor Voice actor, Transformers 16-Feb-1945 TBD ADD
Vernon Wells Actor Capt. Bennett in Commando 31-Dec-1945 TBD ADD
Wim Wenders Film Director Wings of Desire 14-Aug-1945 TBD ADD
Leslie West Musician Mountain bandleader and guitarist 22-Oct-1945 TBD ADD
T. K. Wetherell Politician President, Florida State University 22-Dec-1945 TBD ADD
Jon Whitmore Educator President, San Jose State University 22-Mar-1945 TBD ADD
Larry Wilkerson Government Former aide to Colin Powell 15-Jun-1945 TBD ADD
Connie Willis Author Doomsday Book, Lincoln's Dreams 31-Dec-1945 TBD ADD
August Wilson Playwright The Piano Lesson 27-Apr-1945 02-Oct-2005 DEAD
Pete Wilson Journalist KGO -TV and AM anchor/host ? 20-Jul-2007 DEAD
Henry Winkler Actor Fonz on Happy Days 30-Oct-1945 TBD ADD
Hattie Winston Actor The Electric Company 03-Mar-1945 TBD ADD
John Wojtowicz Criminal Bank robber inspired Dog Day Afternoon 09-Mar-1945 02-Jan-2006 DEAD
Tobias Wolff Author The Barracks Thief 19-Jun-1945 TBD ADD
Eric Woolfson Musician Former Alan Parsons Project collaborator 18-Mar-1945 01-Dec-2009 DEAD
Robert Wyatt Musician Songcraftsman and outstanding beard farmer 28-Jan-1945 TBD ADD
George Wyner Actor ADA Irwin Bernstein on Hill Street Blues 20-Oct-1945 TBD ADD
Malachi York-El Religion E.T. leader of United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors 26-Jun-1945 TBD ADD
Neil Young Singer/Songwriter Harvest 12-Nov-1945 TBD ADD
Khaleda Zia Head of State Twice Prime Minister of Bangladesh 15-Aug-1945 TBD ADD