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Willie Aames Actor Tommy on Eight is Enough 15-Jul-1960 TBD ADD
Saif al-Adel Terrorist Al Qaeda embassy bomber 11-Apr-1960 TBD ADD
Kim Alexis Model Top 1980s model 15-Jul-1960 TBD ADD
Claude Allen Government Former White House domestic policy advisor 11-Oct-1960 TBD ADD
Marcus Allen Football Super Bowl MVP, 1984 26-Mar-1960 TBD ADD
Carol Alt Model Supermodels in the Rainforest 01-Dec-1960 TBD ADD
Eric Alterman Columnist The Nation columnist 14-Jan-1960 TBD ADD
Dennis Anderson Auto Racing Grave Digger monster truck 24-Oct-1960 TBD ADD
Kevin Anderson Actor Sleeping with the Enemy 13-Jan-1960 TBD ADD
Prince Andrew Royalty The Duke of York 19-Feb-1960 TBD ADD
Steven R. Appleton Business CEO of Micron Technology 11-Mar-1960 03-Feb-2012 DEAD
Benigno Aquino III Head of State President of the Philippines 08-Feb-1960 TBD ADD
Linden Ashby Actor Dr. Brett Cooper on Melrose Place 23-May-1960 TBD ADD
Mike Aulby Bowling Professional bowler, retired 25-Mar-1960 TBD ADD
Paul Azinger Golf Winner, 1993 PGA Championship 06-Jan-1960 TBD ADD
Ian Baker-Finch Golf Winner, 1991 British Open 24-Oct-1960 TBD ADD
Daniel Baldwin Actor A Baldwin brother 05-Oct-1960 TBD ADD
Antonio Banderas Actor Zorro 10-Aug-1960 TBD ADD
Jean-Marc Barr Actor Europa 27-Sep-1960 TBD ADD
Chris Barrie Actor Arnold Rimmer on Red Dwarf 28-Mar-1960 TBD ADD
Richard A. Bartle Computer Programmer MUD 10-Jan-1960 TBD ADD
Jean-Michel Basquiat Painter NYC graffiti artist 22-Dec-1960 12-Aug-1988 DEAD
Mario Batali Chef TV chef 09-Sep-1960 TBD ADD
Alison Bechdel Cartoonist Dykes to Watch Out For 10-Sep-1960 TBD ADD
Jason Beghe Actor Sean McGrail on To Have and to Hold 12-Mar-1960 TBD ADD
Charlie Bell Business CEO of McDonalds, 2004 07-Nov-1960 16-Jan-2005 DEAD
Valerie Bertinelli Actor One Day at a Time 23-Apr-1960 TBD ADD
Maurizio Bevilacqua Politician Canadian MP, Vaughan 01-Jun-1960 TBD ADD
Susanne Bier Film Director Things We Lost in the Fire 15-Apr-1960 TBD ADD
John Billingsley Actor Dr. Phlox on Star Trek: Enterprise 20-May-1960 TBD ADD
Crispin Blunt Politician British MP, Reigate 15-Jul-1960 TBD ADD
Bono Singer Lead singer of U2 10-May-1960 TBD ADD
Ray Bourque Hockey NHL Hall of Famer 28-Dec-1960 TBD ADD
Rob Bowman Film/TV Producer The X Files 15-May-1960 TBD ADD
Kenneth Branagh Actor British thespian 10-Dec-1960 TBD ADD
Sid Bream Baseball Former MLB first baseman 03-Aug-1960 TBD ADD
Patrick Breen Actor Stark Raving Mad 26-Oct-1960 TBD ADD
Tim Brewster Football Head Coach, University of Minnesota 13-Oct-1960 TBD ADD
Sarah Brightman Singer Time to Say Goodbye 14-Aug-1960 TBD ADD
Valerie Brisco-Hooks Track and Field Olympic runner, 3 Gold Medals in 1984 06-Jul-1960 TBD ADD
Erin Brockovich Activist Paralegal portrayed by Julia Roberts 22-Jun-1960 TBD ADD
Jayne Brook Actor Chicago Hope 16-Sep-1960 TBD ADD
Chester Brown Cartoonist Yummy Fur 16-May-1960 TBD ADD
Kate Brown Politician Governor of Oregon 21-Jun-1960 TBD ADD
Lyn Brown Politician British MP, West Ham 13-Apr-1960 TBD ADD
Robert John Burke Actor Fr. Mickey on Rescue Me 12-Sep-1960 TBD ADD
Mark Burnett Film/TV Producer Survivor, Eco-Challenge, etc. 17-Jul-1960 TBD ADD
Lance Burton Magician Vegas magician with a 13-year contract 10-Mar-1960 TBD ADD
Mark Calcavecchia Golf Winner, 1989 British Open 12-Jun-1960 TBD ADD
Luther Campbell Rapper 2 Live Crew, Luke Records founder 22-Dec-1960 TBD ADD
Raoul G. Cantero III Judge Justice, Florida Supreme Court 01-Aug-1960 TBD ADD
Gia Carangi Model Troubled supermodel, died from AIDS 29-Jan-1960 18-Nov-1986 DEAD
Leos Carax Film Director The Lovers on the Bridge 22-Nov-1960 TBD ADD
Cath Carroll Musician Miaow 25-Aug-1960 TBD ADD
Anthony Carter Football Former NFL wide receiver 17-Sep-1960 TBD ADD
Jason Carter Actor Marcus Cole on Babylon 5 23-Sep-1960 TBD ADD
Joe Carter Baseball Toronto Blue Jays 07-Mar-1960 TBD ADD
Kevin Carter Photographer Wanting A Meal 13-Sep-1960 27-Jul-1994 DEAD
Bob Casey, Jr. Politician US Senator from Pennsylvania 13-Apr-1960 TBD ADD
Stefano Casiraghi Business Second husband of Princess Caroline 09-Aug-1960 03-Oct-1990 DEAD
Ariel Castro Criminal Kept 3 women captive 10-Jul-1960 03-Sep-2013 DEAD
Maurizio Cattelan Sculptor La Nona Ora 21-Sep-1960 TBD ADD
Steve Cauthen Jockey Winner of 1978 Triple Crown 01-May-1960 TBD ADD
Gurinder Chadha Film Director Bend It Like Beckham 10-Jan-1960 TBD ADD
Thomas Haden Church Actor Lowell Mather on Wings 17-Jun-1960 TBD ADD
Vince Clarke Electronic Musician Erasure 03-Jul-1960 TBD ADD
Jeremy Clarkson TV Personality Top Gear 11-Apr-1960 TBD ADD
Adam Clayton Bassist Bassist for U2 13-Mar-1960 TBD ADD
William D. Cohan Author The Last Tycoons 20-Feb-1960 TBD ADD
Gary D. Cohn Business Director, US National Economic Council 27-Aug-1960 TBD ADD
Jaz Coleman Musician Killing Joke 26-Feb-1960 TBD ADD
Vince Coleman Baseball St. Louis Cardinal, base stealer 22-Sep-1960 TBD ADD
James Comey Government FBI Director, 2013-17 14-Dec-1960 TBD ADD
Timothy D. Cook Business CEO of Apple 01-Nov-1960 TBD ADD
Brian Cowen Head of State Prime Minister of Ireland, 2008-11 10-Jan-1960 TBD ADD
Roger Craig Football Former San Francisco 49ers RB 10-Jul-1960 TBD ADD
Rusty Cundieff Actor Fear of a Black Hat, TV Nation 13-Dec-1960 TBD ADD
Chuck D Rapper The rhyme animal 01-Aug-1960 TBD ADD
Ivo Daalder Diplomat US Ambassador to NATO 20-Mar-1960 TBD ADD
Maryam d'Abo Actor The Living Daylights 27-Dec-1960 TBD ADD
Jeffrey Dahmer Criminal Homosexual serial killer cannibal 21-May-1960 28-Nov-1994 DEAD
Ron Darling Baseball Commentator, New York Mets 19-Aug-1960 TBD ADD
Wanda De Jesus Actor The Glass Shield 26-Aug-1960 TBD ADD
William Dembski Religion Intelligent Design proponent 18-Jul-1960 TBD ADD
Charlie Dent Politician Congressman, Pennsylvania 15th 24-May-1960 TBD ADD
Eric Dickerson Football NFL Hall of Famer 02-Sep-1960 TBD ADD
Keith Dowding Scholar Rational Choice and Political Power 06-May-1960 TBD ADD
Roma Downey Actor Monica in Touched by an Angel 06-May-1960 TBD ADD
David Duchovny Actor Mulder on The X-Files 07-Aug-1960 TBD ADD
Rajiv Dutta Business President of PayPal, 2006-08 05-May-1960 31-Jan-2011 DEAD
Atom Egoyan Film Director Exotica 19-Jul-1960 TBD ADD
Chris Elliott Comic The David Letterman Show 31-May-1960 TBD ADD
David James Elliott Actor JAG 21-Sep-1960 TBD ADD
John Elway Football 1999 Superbowl MVP 28-Jun-1960 TBD ADD
Jeffrey Eugenides Author The Virgin Suicides 08-Mar-1960 TBD ADD
Steve Feinberg Business Cerberus Capital Management 29-Mar-1960 TBD ADD
Colin Firth Actor Pride and Prejudice 10-Sep-1960 TBD ADD
Patrick J. Fitzgerald Government Special Counsel for Plame case 22-Dec-1960 TBD ADD
Peter Fitzgerald Politician US Senator from Illinois, 1999-2005 20-Oct-1960 TBD ADD
John Flansburgh Musician They Might Be Giants 06-May-1960 TBD ADD
Ari Fleischer Government White House Press Secretary, 2001-03 13-Oct-1960 TBD ADD
Jimmy Flemion Singer/Songwriter The Frogs 08-Aug-1960 TBD ADD
Neil Flynn Actor The Janitor on Scrubs 13-Nov-1960 TBD ADD
Jeff Fortenberry Politician Congressman, Nebraska 1st 27-Dec-1960 TBD ADD
Luis Fortuño Politician Governor of Puerto Rico 31-Oct-1960 TBD ADD
Don Franklin Actor Cmdr. Jonathan Ford on Seaquest DSV 14-Dec-1960 TBD ADD
Mark Frauenfelder Blogger Boing Boing, Make magazine 22-Nov-1960 TBD ADD
David Frum Pundit Coined "Axis of Evil" 30-Jun-1960 TBD ADD
Simon Fuller Film/TV Producer American Idol producer 17-May-1960 TBD ADD
Michael Fumento Author Conservative science writer 04-Jan-1960 TBD ADD
Neil Gaiman Cartoonist DC Comics epic Sandman series 10-Nov-1960 TBD ADD
Megan Gallagher Actor Tina Russo on Hill Street Blues 06-Feb-1960 TBD ADD
Mike Gallagher Talk Show Host The Mike Gallagher Show 07-Apr-1960 TBD ADD
John Galliano Fashion Designer 1987 British Designer of the Year 28-Nov-1960 TBD ADD
Brad Garrett Actor Robert on Everybody Loves Raymond 14-Apr-1960 TBD ADD
Kyle Gass Musician Half of Tenacious D 14-Jul-1960 TBD ADD
Hervé Gaymard Politician French Finance Minister, 2004-05 31-May-1960 TBD ADD
Kaye Gibbons Novelist Ellen Foster 05-May-1960 TBD ADD
Nancy Giles Actor China Beach 17-Jul-1960 TBD ADD
Seth Godin Business Tribes 10-Jul-1960 TBD ADD
Tony Goldwyn Actor From the Earth to the Moon 20-May-1960 TBD ADD
Andrés Gómez Tennis Winner, 1990 French Open 27-Feb-1960 TBD ADD
Amy Grant Singer/Songwriter Christian rocker 25-Nov-1960 TBD ADD
Hugh Grant Actor Four Weddings and a Funeral 09-Sep-1960 TBD ADD
Darrell Green Football Washington Redskins, Hall of Famer 15-Feb-1960 TBD ADD
Mark Green Politician Congressman from Wisconsin, 1999-2007 01-Jun-1960 TBD ADD
Robert Greenblatt Business Chairman, NBC Entertainment 16-Aug-1960 TBD ADD
Jennifer Grey Actor Dirty Dancing 26-Mar-1960 TBD ADD
Kathy Griffin Actor Vicki on Suddenly Susan 04-Nov-1960 TBD ADD
Arye Gross Actor Adam Green on Ellen 17-Mar-1960 TBD ADD
Olivier Gruner Actor World Kickboxing Champion, 1987 02-Aug-1960 TBD ADD
Lance Guest Actor The Last Starfighter 21-Jul-1960 TBD ADD
Alfred Gusenbauer Head of State Chancellor of Austria, 2007-08 08-Feb-1960 TBD ADD
Tony Gwynn Baseball Batted .394 in 1994 for the Padres 09-May-1960 16-Jun-2014 DEAD
Tony Hadley Singer Frontman, Spandau Ballet 02-Jun-1960 TBD ADD
Bill Halter Politician Lt. Governor of Arkansas 30-Nov-1960 TBD ADD
Peter F. Hamilton Novelist Night's Dawn Trilogy 02-Mar-1960 TBD ADD
Darrell Hammond Comic Saturday Night Live 08-Oct-1960 TBD ADD
Daryl Hannah Actor Splash 03-Dec-1960 TBD ADD
John D. Harkey, Jr. Business Consolidated Restaurant Operations 12-Sep-1960 TBD ADD
David Harris Criminal Copkiller in The Thin Blue Line 19-Oct-1960 30-Jun-2004 DEAD
Vicky Hartzler Politician Congresswoman, Missouri 4th 13-Oct-1960 TBD ADD
Reed Hastings Business Founder and CEO of Netflix 08-Oct-1960 TBD ADD
Dan Hawkins Football CO Buffaloes Head Coach 10-Nov-1960 TBD ADD
David Headley Terrorist American implicated in Mumbai bombing 30-Jun-1960 TBD ADD
Dean Heller Politician US Senator from Nevada 10-May-1960 TBD ADD
Leslie Hendrix Actor Dr. Rodgers on Law & Order: Criminal Intent 05-Jun-1960 TBD ADD
John Henton Comic Obie on Living Single 23-Nov-1960 TBD ADD
Joel Hodgson Comic Created Mystery Science Theater 3000 20-Feb-1960 TBD ADD
Tom Holmoe Football BYU Athletic Director 07-Mar-1960 TBD ADD
Nicole Holofcener Film Director Friends with Money 22-Mar-1960 TBD ADD
Mick Hucknall Singer Lead singer, Simply Red 08-Jun-1960 TBD ADD
Finola Hughes Actor General Hospital 29-Oct-1960 TBD ADD
Jon Huntsman, Jr. Politician US Ambassador to China, 2009-11 26-Mar-1960 TBD ADD
Michael Hutchence Musician INXS 22-Jan-1960 22-Nov-1997 DEAD
Doug Hutchison Actor The Green Mile 26-May-1960 TBD ADD
Timothy Hutton Actor Ordinary People 16-Aug-1960 TBD ADD
Orrin H. Ingram II Business CEO of Ingram Industries 05-Jul-1960 TBD ADD
Azim Isabekov Head of State Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan, 2007 04-Apr-1960 TBD ADD
Stoney Jackson Actor Character actor, 1980s to present 27-Feb-1960 TBD ADD
Chris John Politician Congressman from Louisiana, 1997-2005 05-Jan-1960 TBD ADD
Anne-Marie Johnson Actor In The Heat Of The Night 18-Jul-1960 TBD ADD
Bill Johnson Skier Downhill skiing gold medal, 1984 30-Mar-1960 21-Jan-2016 DEAD
Bruce Johnson Politician Lt. Governor of Ohio, 2005-06 25-May-1960 TBD ADD
Holly Johnson Musician Frankie Goes to Hollywood 09-Feb-1960 TBD ADD
Craig Johnston Soccer Liverpool F.C. retired 25-Jun-1960 TBD ADD
Doug Jones Actor Pan's Labyrinth 24-May-1960 TBD ADD
Al Joyner Track and Field Olympic Gold medalist in 1984 19-Jan-1960 TBD ADD
Elena Kagan Judge US Supreme Court Justice 28-Apr-1960 TBD ADD
Brewster Kahle Business Founder of the Internet Archive 22-Oct-1960 TBD ADD
Peter D. Keisler Government Co-Founder, Federalist Society 13-Oct-1960 TBD ADD
Jim Kelly Football Buffalo Bills QB 14-Feb-1960 TBD ADD
John F. Kennedy, Jr. Relative Son of John F. Kennedy 25-Nov-1960 16-Jul-1999 DEAD
Tim Kerr Hockey Philadelphia Fliers, 1980-91 05-Jan-1960 TBD ADD
Lance Kerwin Actor James at 15 06-Nov-1960 TBD ADD
Kim Ki-Duk Film Director Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring 20-Dec-1960 TBD ADD
Cris Kirkwood Bassist Meat Puppets 22-Oct-1960 TBD ADD
Amy Klobuchar Politician US Senator from Minnesota 25-May-1960 TBD ADD
Steve Kloves Screenwriter Screenwriter, Harry Potter films 18-Mar-1960 TBD ADD
Koji Kondo Electronic Musician Theme to Super Mario Brothers 13-Aug-1960 TBD ADD
Jeff Kottkamp Politician Lt. Governor of Florida, 2007-11 12-Nov-1960 TBD ADD
Brian Krolicki Politician Lt. Governor of Nevada 31-Dec-1960 TBD ADD
Brian Krzanich Business CEO of Intel 09-May-1960 TBD ADD
Jari Kurri Hockey NHL Hall of Famer 18-May-1960 TBD ADD
Mitch Landrieu Politician Mayor of New Orleans 16-Aug-1960 TBD ADD
Mark Langston Baseball MLB pitcher, 2464 strikeouts 20-Aug-1960 TBD ADD
Jaron Lanier Scientist Coined the term "virtual reality" 03-May-1960 TBD ADD
Nigella Lawson Chef UK's domestic goddess 06-Jan-1960 TBD ADD
Kelly LeBrock Model Ex-wife of Steven Seagal 24-Mar-1960 TBD ADD
Hyapatia Lee Pornstar Hy Heeled Drifter, Titty Committee 11-Nov-1960 TBD ADD
Dave Leitao Basketball Head Coach, University of Virginia 18-May-1960 TBD ADD
Ivan Lendl Tennis The Father of Modern Tennis 07-Mar-1960 TBD ADD
Melissa Leo Actor Sgt. Kay Howard on Homicide 14-Sep-1960 TBD ADD
Yves Leterme Head of State Belgian Foreign Minister 06-Oct-1960 TBD ADD
Michael Lewis Author Liar's Poker 15-Oct-1960 TBD ADD
Vicki Lewis Actor Redhead Beth on NewsRadio 17-Mar-1960 TBD ADD
Blanche Lincoln Politician US Senator from Arkansas 30-Sep-1960 TBD ADD
Richard Linklater Film Director Slacker 30-Jul-1960 TBD ADD
Howie Long Football Los Angeles Raiders defensive end 06-Jan-1960 TBD ADD
Mike Lookinland Actor Bobby on The Brady Bunch 19-Dec-1960 TBD ADD
Susanne Lothar Actor The Reader 15-Nov-1960 25-Jul-2012 DEAD
Greg Louganis Diver Olympic diver, four gold medals 29-Jan-1960 TBD ADD
Bryan Lourd Business Creative Artists Agency 05-Nov-1960 TBD ADD
David Lowery Musician Camper Van Beethoven, Cracker 10-Sep-1960 TBD ADD
Frank Lucas Politician Congressman, Oklahoma 3rd 06-Jan-1960 TBD ADD
Jane Lynch Actor Cheerleading coach on Glee 14-Jul-1960 TBD ADD
Greg Maffei Business CEO of Liberty Media 24-May-1960 TBD ADD
Aimee Mann Musician 'Til Tuesday 08-Sep-1960 TBD ADD
Diego Maradona Soccer Led Argentina to 1986 World Cup Final 30-Oct-1960 TBD ADD
Jack A. Markell Politician Governor of Delaware 26-Nov-1960 TBD ADD
Branford Marsalis Jazz Musician Saxophonist 26-Aug-1960 TBD ADD
Jim Matheson Politician Congressman, Utah 2nd 21-Mar-1960 TBD ADD
Scott McCloud Cartoonist Understanding Comics 10-Jun-1960 TBD ADD
Michael McGrady Actor Det. Salinger on Southland 30-Mar-1960 TBD ADD
David McGuinty Politician Canadian MP, Ottawa South 25-Feb-1960 TBD ADD
Bill McKibben Activist The End of Nature 08-Dec-1960 TBD ADD
Brian McNamara Actor Michael Holden on Army Wives 21-Nov-1960 TBD ADD
Chad McQueen Actor Red Line 28-Dec-1960 TBD ADD
Craig C. Mello Scientist RNA interference 19-Oct-1960 TBD ADD
Takashi Miike Film Director Ichi the Killer 24-Aug-1960 TBD ADD
Elaine Miles Actor Marilyn Whirlwind on Northern Exposure 07-Apr-1960 TBD ADD
David Miscavige Religion Leader of the Church of Scientology 30-Apr-1960 TBD ADD
Steven Mithen Archaeologist After the Ice 16-Oct-1960 TBD ADD
Momus Critic Scottish music critic, famous for 15 people 11-Feb-1960 TBD ADD
Daniel Mongiardo Politician Lt. Governor of Kentucky 04-Jul-1960 TBD ADD
Julianne Moore Actor Boogie Nights, Short Cuts 03-Dec-1960 TBD ADD
Stephen Moore Activist Club for Growth 16-Feb-1960 TBD ADD
Jocelyn Moorhouse Film Director How to Make an American Quilt 04-Sep-1960 TBD ADD
Erin Moran Actor Joanie on Happy Days 18-Oct-1960 22-Apr-2017 DEAD
Cathy Moriarty Actor Raging Bull 29-Nov-1960 TBD ADD
James T. Morris Business CEO of Pacific Life 11-Jan-1960 TBD ADD
Temuera Morrison Actor Jango Fett 26-Dec-1960 TBD ADD
Bob Mould Musician Hüsker Dü frontman 16-Oct-1960 TBD ADD
Martha Moxley Victim Murdered by Michael Skakel 16-Aug-1960 30-Oct-1975 DEAD
John Allen Muhammad Criminal Beltway sniper 31-Dec-1960 10-Nov-2009 DEAD
Richard Nanula Business CFO of Amgen 09-May-1960 TBD ADD
Prince Naruhito Royalty Crown Prince of Japan 23-Feb-1960 TBD ADD
Hassan Nasrallah Terrorist Hezbollah Secretary-General 31-Aug-1960 TBD ADD
Haywood Nelson Actor Dwayne Nelson on What's Happening 25-Mar-1960 TBD ADD
Nena Singer 99 Luftballoons 24-Mar-1960 TBD ADD
Charles Ng Criminal On death row in California 24-Dec-1960 TBD ADD
Yannick Noah Tennis Winner, 1983 French Open 18-May-1960 TBD ADD
Jim Nussle Politician OMB Director, 2007-09 27-Jun-1960 TBD ADD
Michael Nyqvist Actor Mikael Blomkvist 08-Nov-1960 27-Jun-2017 DEAD
Peter O'Brien Actor Sam Patterson on The Flying Doctors 25-Mar-1960 TBD ADD
Leland Orser Actor Dr. Lucien Dubenko on ER 06-Aug-1960 TBD ADD
Joseph P. Overton Activist The Overton Window 04-Jan-1960 30-Jun-2003 DEAD
Mehmet Oz Doctor Healing from the Heart 11-Jun-1960 TBD ADD
George Packer Author The Assassins' Gate 13-Aug-1960 TBD ADD
Jafar Panahi Film Director The White Balloon 11-Jul-1960 TBD ADD
Anne Parillaud Actor Nikita 06-May-1960 TBD ADD
Gary Patterson Football Head Coach, Texas Christian 13-Feb-1960 TBD ADD
Randy Pausch Educator The Last Lecture 23-Oct-1960 25-Jul-2008 DEAD
Tim Pawlenty Politician Governor of Minnesota, 2003-11 27-Nov-1960 TBD ADD
Bruce Payne Actor Dungeons & Dragons 22-Nov-1960 TBD ADD
Bruce Pearl Basketball Former Head Coach, University of Tennessee 18-Mar-1960 TBD ADD
Chris Pedersen Drummer Camper Van Beethoven drummer 16-Aug-1960 TBD ADD
Sean Penn Actor Fast Times at Ridgemont High 17-Aug-1960 TBD ADD
Elizabeth Perkins Actor Big 18-Nov-1960 TBD ADD
Julianne Phillips Actor Actress/wife of Bruce Springsteen 13-May-1960 TBD ADD
Victor Pinchuk Business Billionaire, Interpipe Corporation 14-Dec-1960 TBD ADD
Oliver Platt Actor Bartlet's lawyer on The West Wing 12-Jan-1960 TBD ADD
Tracy Pollan Actor Ellen Reed on Family Ties 22-Jun-1960 TBD ADD
Chris Potter Actor Dan Lennox on Wild Card 23-Aug-1960 TBD ADD
Steven C. Preston Government US Secretary of HUD, 2008-09 04-Aug-1960 TBD ADD
Kirby Puckett Baseball Minnesota Twins Hall of Famer 14-Mar-1960 06-Mar-2006 DEAD
Stuart Rabner Judge New Jersey Chief Justice 30-Jun-1960 TBD ADD
Richard Ramirez Criminal Serial killer, The Night Stalker 29-Feb-1960 07-Jun-2013 DEAD
Dave Ramsey Radio Personality The Dave Ramsey Show 03-Sep-1960 TBD ADD
Ola Ray Actor With Michael Jackson in Thriller, Playmate 26-Aug-1960 TBD ADD
Callum Keith Rennie Actor Leoben Conoy on Battlestar Galactica 14-Sep-1960 TBD ADD
Mark Richt Football Former Coach, UGA Bulldogs 18-Feb-1960 TBD ADD
Scott Rigell Politician Congressman, Virginia 2nd 28-May-1960 TBD ADD
Dave Riley Bassist Big Black bassist 30-Jul-1960 TBD ADD
Cal Ripken Baseball American League MVP 1983, 1991 24-Aug-1960 TBD ADD
Tony Robbins Author Toothy motivational speaker 29-Feb-1960 TBD ADD
Robin Roberts TV Personality Good Morning America 23-Nov-1960 TBD ADD
Linda Robinson Journalist US News and World Report 15-Jan-1960 TBD ADD
Bernard Rose Film Director Candyman 04-Aug-1960 TBD ADD
Marc Rotenberg Activist Electronic Privacy Information Center 20-Apr-1960 TBD ADD
Victoria Rowell Actor Diagnosis Murder 10-May-1960 TBD ADD
RuPaul TV Personality Drag queen supermodel 17-Nov-1960 TBD ADD
Mark Rylance Actor Bridge of Spies 18-Jan-1960 TBD ADD
Joe Sacco Cartoonist Palestine 02-Oct-1960 TBD ADD
Matt Salinger Actor Son of J.D. Salinger 13-Feb-1960 TBD ADD
Emma Samms Actor Fallon Carrington on Dynasty 28-Aug-1960 TBD ADD
Ralph Sampson Basketball Three-time Naismith Award winner 07-Jul-1960 TBD ADD
Chalino Sanchez Singer Prominent narcocorrido singer 30-Aug-1960 16-May-1992 DEAD
Loretta Sanchez Politician Congresswoman, California 47th 07-Jan-1960 TBD ADD
Philippe Sands Scholar Lawless World 17-Oct-1960 TBD ADD
Mark Sanford Politician Governor of South Carolina, 2003-11 28-May-1960 TBD ADD
David E. Sanger Journalist NYT Chief Washington Correspondent 05-Jul-1960 TBD ADD
Rick Savage Bassist Bassist for Def Leppard 02-Dec-1960 TBD ADD
Greta Scacchi Actor The Player 18-Feb-1960 TBD ADD
Adam Schiff Politician Congressman, California 29th 22-Jun-1960 TBD ADD
David Schlesinger Journalist Editor-in-Chief of Reuters 15-Apr-1960 TBD ADD
David Hans Schmidt Business Celebrity porn broker 27-May-1960 28-Sep-2007 DEAD
John Schneider Actor Bo Duke on The Dukes of Hazzard 08-Apr-1960 TBD ADD
Michael Schoeffling Actor Jake Ryan in Sixteen Candles 10-Dec-1960 TBD ADD
Thomas A. Schweich Politician State Auditor of Missouri, 2011-15 02-Oct-1960 26-Feb-2015 DEAD
Annabella Sciorra Actor The bride in True Love 29-Mar-1960 TBD ADD
Ayrton Senna Auto Racing Three-time Formula 1 champion 21-Mar-1960 01-May-1994 DEAD
Craig Sheffer Actor A River Runs Through It 23-Apr-1960 TBD ADD
Matthew Shipp Jazz Musician Free jazz pianist 07-Dec-1960 TBD ADD
Robin Shou Actor Mortal Kombat 17-Jul-1960 TBD ADD
Michael Skakel Criminal Convicted of murdering Martha Moxley 19-Sep-1960 TBD ADD
Robert Smigel Actor Triumph the Insult Comic Dog 07-Feb-1960 TBD ADD
William Kennedy Smith Relative Lesser Kennedy, not guilty of rape 04-Sep-1960 TBD ADD
Matt Sorum Drummer Drummer for Velvet Revolver 19-Nov-1960 TBD ADD
James Spader Actor Sex, Lies, and Videotape 07-Feb-1960 TBD ADD
Kevin Stallings Basketball Vanderbilt Head Coach 01-Oct-1960 TBD ADD
Randall Stephenson Business CEO of AT&T 22-Apr-1960 TBD ADD
Christopher Stevens Diplomat US Ambassador to Libya, killed in raid ? 11-Sep-2012 DEAD
Michael Stipe Musician Lead singer of R.E.M. 04-Jan-1960 TBD ADD
Bob Stoops Football Oklahoma Sooners Head Coach 09-Sep-1960 TBD ADD
Dorothy Stratten Actor Actress, centerfold 28-Feb-1960 14-Aug-1980 DEAD
Brenda Strong Actor Desperate Housewives 25-Mar-1960 TBD ADD
Kurt Sutter Screenwriter Creator, Sons of Anarchy 05-May-1960 TBD ADD
Jeffrey S. Sutton Judge 6th Circuit Court of Appeals 31-Oct-1960 TBD ADD
Tilda Swinton Actor The Deep End 05-Nov-1960 TBD ADD
Yoko Tawada Author Memoirs of a Polar Bear 23-Mar-1960 TBD ADD
John Taylor Bassist Bassist for Duran Duran 20-Jun-1960 TBD ADD
Regina Taylor Actor Lilly Harper on I'll Fly Away 22-Aug-1960 TBD ADD
Roger Taylor Drummer Drummer for Duran Duran 26-Apr-1960 TBD ADD
Stuart A. Taylor II Business The Taylor Group LLC 28-Nov-1960 TBD ADD
Brad Templeton Computer Programmer Chairman, Electronic Frontier Foundation 20-Apr-1960 TBD ADD
J. G. Thirlwell Musician Foetus 29-Jan-1960 TBD ADD
Kristin Scott Thomas Actor Four Weddings and a Funeral 24-May-1960 TBD ADD
Andrea Thompson Actor Det. Kirkendall on NYPD Blue 06-Jan-1960 TBD ADD
David Tibet Musician Current 93 05-Mar-1960 TBD ADD
Meg Tilly Actor Agnes of God 14-Feb-1960 TBD ADD
Jeffrey Toobin Attorney CNN Senior Legal Analyst 21-May-1960 TBD ADD
Lorraine Toussaint Actor Renée Jackson on Any Day Now 04-Apr-1960 TBD ADD
Stanley Tucci Actor Joe Gould's Secret 11-Jan-1960 TBD ADD
Anthea Turner TV Personality UK TV host with flammable hair 25-May-1960 TBD ADD
Michael Turner Politician Congressman, Ohio 3rd 11-Jan-1960 TBD ADD
Yulia Tymoshenko Head of State Twice Prime Minister of Ukraine 27-Nov-1960 TBD ADD
Steve Vai Guitarist Ex-Zappa guitar mangler, backyard apiarist 06-Jun-1960 TBD ADD
Fernando Valenzuela Baseball Winner of 1981 NL Cy Young Award 01-Nov-1960 TBD ADD
Jean-Claude Van Damme Actor Timecop 18-Oct-1960 TBD ADD
Jaap van Zweden Conductor Music Director, Dallas Symphony Orchestra 12-Dec-1960 TBD ADD
Courtney B. Vance Actor ADA Ron Carver in Law & Order: CI 12-Mar-1960 TBD ADD
Joyce Vance Attorney US Attorney, No. District of Alabama, 2009-17 22-Jul-1960 TBD ADD
Pruitt Taylor Vince Actor American character actor 05-Jul-1960 TBD ADD
Damon Wayans Comic My Wife and Kids 04-Sep-1960 TBD ADD
Hugo Weaving Actor Agent Smith in The Matrix 04-Apr-1960 TBD ADD
Franz Welser-Möst Conductor Music Director, Cleveland Orchestra 16-Aug-1960 TBD ADD
Paul Westerberg Musician The Replacements 31-Dec-1960 TBD ADD
Kim Wilde Musician Kids in America 18-Nov-1960 TBD ADD
Dominique Wilkins Basketball NBA Hall of Famer 12-Jan-1960 TBD ADD
Mykelti Williamson Actor Bubba in Forrest Gump 04-Mar-1960 TBD ADD
Heather Wilson Politician Congresswoman from New Mexico, 1998-2009 30-Dec-1960 TBD ADD
April Winchell Actor Voice of Clarabelle Cow 04-Jan-1960 TBD ADD
B. D. Wong Actor Oz, Law & Order: SVU 24-Oct-1960 TBD ADD
Will Wright Computer Programmer Created SimCity, The Sims 20-Jan-1960 TBD ADD
Amanda Wyss Actor A Nightmare On Elm Street 24-Nov-1960 TBD ADD
Paula Yates TV Personality Rock Stars in Their Underpants 24-Apr-1960 17-Sep-2000 DEAD
Sally Yates Government Deputy US Attorney General, fired by Trump 20-Aug-1960 TBD ADD
Youth Musician Techno producer, Killing Joke 27-Dec-1960 TBD ADD
David Yow Singer Singer for The Jesus Lizard 02-Aug-1960 TBD ADD
José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero Head of State Prime Minister of Spain 04-Aug-1960 TBD ADD