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Rachel Appleton Actor Played young Lara Croft 19-May-1992 TBD ADD
Skye McCole Bartusiak Actor Firestarter 2: Rekindled 28-Sep-1992 19-Jul-2014 DEAD
Spencer Breslin Actor The Kid 18-May-1992 TBD ADD
Carlie Brucia Victim Little girl kidnapped and killed 16-Mar-1992 01-Feb-2004 DEAD
Charice Singer Filipina pop singer 10-May-1992 TBD ADD
Frances Bean Cobain Relative Kurt and Courtney's daughter 18-Aug-1992 TBD ADD
Miley Cyrus Actor Hannah Montana 23-Nov-1992 TBD ADD
Cara Delevingne Model Face of Burberry 12-Aug-1992 TBD ADD
Hallie Kate Eisenberg Actor Beautiful 02-Aug-1992 TBD ADD
Tiffany Evans Singer Promise Ring 04-Aug-1992 TBD ADD
Lamb Gaede Musician Nazi Tween Twin band Prussian Blue 30-Jun-1992 TBD ADD
Lynx Gaede Musician Nazi Tween Twin band Prussian Blue 30-Jun-1992 TBD ADD
Keir Gilchrist Actor United States of Tara 28-Sep-1992 TBD ADD
Selena Gomez Actor Wizards of Waverly Place 22-Jul-1992 TBD ADD
Adam Hicks Actor Luther on Zeke and Luther 28-Nov-1992 TBD ADD
Freddie Highmore Actor Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 14-Feb-1992 TBD ADD
Josh Hutcherson Actor Bridge to Terabithia 12-Oct-1992 TBD ADD
Avan Jogia Actor Beck Oliver on Victorious 09-Feb-1992 TBD ADD
Shawn Johnson Gymnastics Four Olympic gold medals in 2008 19-Jan-1992 TBD ADD
Nick Jonas Musician The Jonas Brothers 16-Sep-1992 TBD ADD
Malcolm David Kelley Actor Child actor on Lost 12-May-1992 TBD ADD
Nathan Kress Actor Freddie on iCarly 18-Nov-1992 TBD ADD
Adam Lanza Criminal Connecticut school shooter 22-Apr-1992 14-Dec-2012 DEAD
Taylor Lautner Actor The Adventures of Sharkboy 11-Feb-1992 TBD ADD
Logan Lerman Actor Percy Jackson & the Olympians 19-Jan-1992 TBD ADD
Demi Lovato Actor Camp Rock 20-Aug-1992 TBD ADD
Alexander Ludwig Actor The Seeker: Dark Is Rising 07-May-1992 TBD ADD
Vanessa Marano Actor April Nardini on Gilmore Girls 31-Oct-1992 TBD ADD
Vincent Martella Actor Phineas on Phineas and Ferb 15-Oct-1992 TBD ADD
Jennette McCurdy Actor Sam on iCarly 26-Jun-1992 TBD ADD
Bridgit Mendler Actor Teddy Duncan on Good Luck Charlie 18-Dec-1992 TBD ADD
Mac Miller Rapper Blue Slide Park 19-Jan-1992 TBD ADD
Vanessa Morgan Actor My Babysitter's a Vampire 23-Mar-1992 TBD ADD
Neymar Soccer FC Barcelona forward 05-Feb-1992 TBD ADD
Alexa Nikolas Actor Nicole Bristow on Zoey 101 04-Apr-1992 TBD ADD
Emily Osment Actor Lilly Truscott on Hannah Montana 10-Mar-1992 TBD ADD
Nathalia Ramos Actor Nina Martin on House of Anubis 03-Jul-1992 TBD ADD
Daisy Ridley Actor Rey in The Force Awakens 10-Apr-1992 TBD ADD
Daryl Sabara Actor Spy Kids 14-Jun-1992 TBD ADD
Sophie Simmons Relative Daughter of Gene Simmons 07-Jul-1992 TBD ADD
Sam Smith Singer/Songwriter Stay with Me 19-May-1992 TBD ADD
Cole Sprouse Actor The Suite Life of Zack and Cody 04-Aug-1992 TBD ADD
Dylan Sprouse Actor The Suite Life of Zack and Cody 04-Aug-1992 TBD ADD
Gregg Sulkin Actor Mason Greyback on Wizards of Waverly Place 29-May-1992 TBD ADD
Kate Upton Model Cover, 2012-13 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 10-Jun-1992 TBD ADD
Sofia Vassilieva Actor Ariel Dubois on Medium 22-Oct-1992 TBD ADD
Tyler James Williams Actor Everybody Hates Chris 09-Oct-1992 TBD ADD